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4 Easy Steps To Follow When Handling An Uncontested Divorce

A divorce is definitely a difficult decision and therefore the divorce proceeding that follows may be confusing and even more difficult. In many cases, spouses agree on each and every aspect of their divorce and this is what is referred to as an uncontested/agreed divorce and is often settled out of the court unlike a contested divorce. Here, a husband and wife agree on a variety of family matters. These often include child support and child custody before they finalize their divorce. The following are four easy steps to consider while pursuing an uncontested divorce process.   

  1. Look into child custody matters

If you’re a parent planning to go through a divorce, you and your partner need to be free of resentment towards each other and should be willing to listen to one another. You should be willing to work together for the benefit of your children. Both of you should agree on a co-parenting schedule that suits your independent schedules. For instance, you may agree to spend the weekends with your children alternately. You should also agree on a suitable holiday schedule for the kids during summer break, spring break, Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthdays. You should also consider your children’s opinions (if they’re old enough) while making these plans. This will ensure that all parties involved will be satisfied with the outcome since the schedules suit them all.

  1. Look into child support issues

These are financial matters revolving around your children. Both of you need to agree on who will claim the children on their taxes. Fortunately, this can be alternated as well. You will need to agree on the amount of child support to be paid. The issue of uninsured medical expenses also needs to be addressed. Once these are addressed, then matters of child support are as good as addressed.

  1. Sign a marital dissolution agreement

A marital dissolution agreement (MDA) is a document that describes how divorcing spouses will divide all assets and debts. These include any personal or real estate property, vehicles, bank accounts, retirements, investment accounts, and debts. If any of these properties is financed by a loan, the MDA also indicates who between you will be financially responsible after the divorce is finalized. If the two of you have a joint account, it will have to be closed down or as per your agreement, either of you can take ownership of the same. If you have not divided the property, the MDA can specify what each party receives and how the transfer will be accomplished.

  1. Finalizing the uncontested divorce process

Once both of you have set the parenting plan and have signed the MDA, you need to file this with the court and go into a waiting period. If you have minor children, the waiting period can be up to 90 days; but if you do not have minor children, the waiting period goes up to 60 days. The plaintiff then attends the case with his/her attorney (the defendant needs not be present). The hearing will result in a final decree of divorce.

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