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10 Facts about Hilary Clinton worth reading

In this article, we want to share 10 facts about Hillary Clinton and her relationship with law and the legal system. While Hilary may not have been as focused on the legal side of her career as the elder law attorneys at in her early professional years,there are still a few things about her that you may find surprising.

  1. Did you know that Hillary and Bill Clinton met in the Law Library at Yale, where they were both studying? They were sitting there and kept looking at one another until Hillary said that they should learn one another’s names.
  2. Hillary Clinton was the first “First Lady” to actually be a professional. After Bill got elected to the governor’s office in the 1970s, Hillary continued working for the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, where she became a partner of the firm in the 1980’s.
  3. Much of the law work that Ms. Clinton did was related to sitting on the boards of various nonprofit and for profit organizations, something which she has had a lot of passion and love for throughout her entire career.
  4. Children and families have always been a huge focus for Hillary, and she has done a lot of work with the Children’s Defense Fund as a result of this passion. That was most of the law work that she did throughout her legal career, and she is still an advocate for it during her political career as well.
  5. 43 lawyers worked on the case to impeach President Richard Nixon, and Hillary Clinton was one of three of the women who worked on the inquiry process. This was a big deal at this point in time, considering how large of a case this was.
  6. For a time, Ms. Clinton actually worked with Walter Mondale on his committee that was working on immigration policies and concerns. This was before she went to Yale to invest in her law degree (she has a Bachelor of Arts in politics).
  7. In 1974, Ms. Clinton actually became a professor at the University of Arkansas, where she taught law to a number of students who came through the law school at that time. She did that for 2 years, until she and Bill moved to the capital after his appointment as Attorney General of the state.
  8. Hillary served on the American Bar Association for a time, doing a lot of advocacy work in order to ensure that women could be treated equally in the legal world (which was something that was uncommon at that point in time).
  9. Hillary dabbled in education as well, and helped to set up requirements such as testing, class size, and required training for teachers in the state of Arkansas during her tenure in the position.
  10. She has a number of recognitions and awards from various organizations throughout the country in the world of law because of the hard work that she has done as a lawyer and in other areas of the legal field that she has worked in.

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