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Your Ohio Criminal Defense Expert Is a Call or a Click Away

In a populous region like Ohio, it can be daunting to embark on the search for an experienced criminal defense attorney. Particularly when you are the focus of a criminal investigation or, worse, if you have been charged with a crime, you require immediate assistance. “Where do I start?” you ask. You may want to look within your inner circle of family and friends for a recommendation or conduct an Internet search for expert criminal defense practitioners. Your main goal, however, should be to find competent counsel, willing to listen to your story, and collaborate with you to find the best possible solution under the circumstances.

Personal Recommendations

An attorney referral through friends, colleagues, or co-workers can be helpful, given that the people you trust most likely have firsthand knowledge and experience with their attorneys. For example, if your friend was a first-time DUI/OVI offender, and you find yourself in the same position, your friend’s direct recommendation can be invaluable.

Similarly, if your friend has experienced an domestic abuse issue, referral to an expert criminal defense lawyer will, most likely, have a favorable impact.

Referrals Within Your Professional Circle

If you make inquiries with business people in your community, you will come away with excellent referrals. Business owners and employees frequently connect with Ohio criminal defense attorneys and can vouch for their reputations.

Keep in mind, however, that when seeking a criminal defense lawyer, every case is as unique as the individual clients. Therefore, one person’s experience may conflict with another’s.

Attorney Recommendations

If you have worked with attorneys in the past and you trust those individuals based on your firsthand knowledge and experience, you may want to consult with them about your recent issue and inquire about their network of connections in the field of criminal law. Ohio is a huge state. Therefore, approach someone you trust and with whom you have had former communications. They will either have a direct recommendation or, at least, know of a criminal defense lawyer with the expertise that you require.

Online Reviews

Never underestimate the power of online reviews. A criminal defense lawyer’s online reputation precedes him/her. Pay attention to the repetition of reviews of the same tenor, such as “he listens when I speak” or “she really cares about her clients.” Also, watch for any ‘red flags’ that may repeatedly pop up in online reviews.

If you are interested in learning about DUI/OVI treatment programs, you might want to visit the Ohio Substance Abuse Prevention Institute, and speak to someone there who may be able to provide a referral.

You can also opt to discuss your issue with an out-of-state criminal defense expert, who may know of an Ohio attorney who can assist with your case.

Consult With An Expert In the Field of Criminal Defense

In your search for your ally in criminal defense, you will want to consult a specialist. Every attorney has his or her own sphere of expertise, and while you may find a brilliant practitioner in the area of domestic relations law, for example, that attorney may not have the requisite experience to address your specific issue.

If you opt to consult with an expert criminal defense attorney, you may wish to contact local non-profit organizations to help you find just the right counselor.

Interview Your New Attorney

The next step after you have conducted a copious search for an expert criminal defense lawyer is the interview process. Sit down and speak to lawyers to determine whether you can establish a rapport and communicate freely. Most attorneys offer gratis consultations, so don’t hesitate to call and ask to stop by for a visit.

With a smartphone and the Internet at your disposal, an Ohio criminal defense lawyer is right at your fingertips. is a great resource for finding expert legal counsel. All of the lawyers listed in the database are licensed and members of the bar in good standing.

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