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Why You Should Make Your Will

A large number of people die every year without instating a will and leave multiple troubles for their loved ones behind. Especially if when the dying individual has dependents, the dependents are left to struggle and fight for what is rightfully theirs. Irrespective of how big or small your estate is, you need to create a will to ensure that your belongings fall into the right hands after your demise, and that your loved ones do not have to suffer.

The following reasons summarize the importance and need of creating a will:

1. You will be in control

Even after you have passed away, your will shall ensure that you remain in control of your estate. You will get to decide who is entitled to what, and be able to state who will be responsible for handling all your affairs after you have passed away.

2. To protect your loved ones

If you do not have a will, after you pass away the distribution of your belongings is guided by the rules of the state, and that may not always be in the favor of your loved ones and your family. Additionally, who handles your financial affairs shall also be decided by the law and can lead to a lot of problems for your family and loved ones. Especially if the chosen person isn’t located in the same area as your family, is old, has health issues, or simply isn’t fond of your family.

3. To prevent disputes between family members

Your family can possibly debate between who ought to get what after your death – in order to prevent this from happening, you should create a will which would clearly define who gets to keep what. In the case of the state rule deciding who gets what, it is possible that someone who is very dear to you gets entitled to absolutely nothing due to the absence of a blood or marital relationship. Your blood relations that would be entitled could use their power to deny the said individual from receiving anything from your estate.

4. To make it easier for your loved ones

It is cheaper and faster to handle an estate after someone’s death if they have a will. It makes the entire process easier for a grieving family. However, in the absence of a will, they would have to pay for a gene research that would aim to identify any un-claiming relatives that you might have.

If you realize the importance of creating a will, but simply cannot make the effort to contact a solicitor to get the job done, you can easily create a quick will online. You would simply have to fill in basic information which would include details about yourself, who you would want to manage your estate, who would you assign as a guardian in case you have children, and how you would like your funeral to be performed. It would also require input regarding how you want to divide your estate in detail.

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