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Why You Should Hire a Law Firm SEO Agency for Your Legal Practice

Search engine optimization. We hear it a lot when several businesses talk about digital marketing but rarely does it come up when we talk about advertising for law firms.

And why should it? When people think of law firms, they usually imagine a courtroom, a mean-looking jury, and tons and tons of complex legal jargon flying around the room. Significantly few people can associate legal practices with modern-day digital technology.

Many of us still see these establishments as more in tune with the pen-and-paper era than the age of the internet, especially in terms of advertising.

However, law firms need to take advantage of digital marketing tools and solutions like any other business. Even the statistics support this. For example, ⅓ of individuals looking for lawyers search the internet to find one. Compare that to the fact that 40% of small law firms do not have a website, and you'll realize attorneys aren't doing enough to leverage the internet as a marketing tool.

That said, this article looks at why you should do things differently and hire a law firm SEO agency for your legal practice. Let's dive in.

Why SEO Is Important for Your Law Firm

Search engine optimization puts your legal practice at the top of search engines and improves your visibility. But why does this matter? Here are five reasons to consider investing in law firm SEO:

1.   Increased Visibility Equals Increased Traffic and Patronage

This point is a no-brainer: the more people know about your law firm, the more they're likely to patronize you, especially if you offer what they want. And this is what search engine optimization gives you.

By working with one of the best law firm SEO agencies, you can optimize your web pages and the content on your website to perform better on search engine rankings. As a result, when prospects look up legal services to hire on the internet, your name comes where they can see you.

But, of course, all of these don't matter if you don't have a website. Fortunately, most law firm SEO companies can also help you build a website from scratch and optimize it for search engines perfectly.

2.   Relevance and Credibility

SEO puts your law firm at the top of search engines, and the more people see your company at the top of internet search results, the more they trust that you can get the job done.

Also, written content, such as articles, is one of the most crucial aspects of a website. When these blog posts provide value and answer your clients' questions, it improves your overall credibility in front of your prospects. A law firm SEO agency can help you create well-written and optimized content for your website to enhance your firm's trustworthiness.

Furthermore, word of mouth is one of the significant ways people spread information about businesses they've patronized. And the more clients find you through search engine results and you answer the questions they have through the content on their website or handle their cases successfully, the more they'll refer you to friends and families who have similar problems.

3.   A More Engaging Website

You probably don't like the idea of a boring website, and your customers don't either. So, instead of sticking to your site's uninspiring user interface and fluffy content, you can hire a law firm SEO company to transform your web page and make it more engaging and interactive for clients.

4.   Higher Conversions

If your legal practice's website isn't well optimized, you already know how many leads it's costing you. However, you can change this by hiring an SEO company to improve and optimize your landing pages, the home page, and the blog section of your website to effectively convert leads to paying clients.

Rather than aimlessly tweak your website to decrease the bounce rate, you can work with a law firm SEO company with the experts and experience you need. Worried about the cost? Well, fortunately, there are several SEO companies for legal practices that fit your budget.

5.   Stay on Track With Your Competitors

While your law firm might not have an optimized website, that doesn't mean your competitors don't have one. And this factor gives them an advantage over you and everyone else that's lagging in law firm marketing.

However, by hiring a law firm SEO agency, you even the playing field and improve your chances in a highly competitive market. Because, while it might seem that your traditional marketing efforts are getting you enough clients, you can reel in a lot more prospects with digital marketing.

And if your digital marketing efforts aren't yielding results, you have even more reasons to switch to advertising your law firm online.

6.   Higher ROI Than Traditional Marketing

While they might seem outdated, traditional marketing efforts still yield resorts. After all, several law firms won't stick to them if there's nothing to show. However, the ROI of digital marketing is significantly higher than traditional advertising.

More and more people use the internet every day, and several of them search for business online. In fact, the number of people who look for companies to patronize on the internet is considerably higher than those who get information about businesses through billboards and television ads.

As such, investing in SEO and putting your company at the top of search engine results gives you more reach and visibility. Thus, regardless of how much you spend to hire the company, you're guaranteed to get value for money.

Final Thoughts

A law firm SEO company is your go-to solution for an optimized website for higher conversions and patronage. You probably weren't convinced you needed a website or even an optimized one for that matter, but this blog post details the reasons it's vital to invest in SEO.

That said, you shouldn't just hire any firm to improve your website: you should consider only the best hands for the job. If you ask us, we'd recommend you visit Ardor's law firm SEO page and see the services they're offering. Thank us later.

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