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What To Expect From Your Tax Attorney

Hiring an attorney is not an easy task because you need to make sure that they are qualified to represent you in court. The legal process can be stressful. Things can get complicated and only an attorney can put things in proper perspective. If you are hiring an attorney for the first time, you might have some expectations that you want your attorney to meet. Here are the key expectations that will give you clues whether you are dealing with a qualified attorney:


It is essential for attorneys to keep their clients in the loop, especially when it comes to the legal proceedings. The attorney should communicate when the case will be filed, the offers or settlement made, key motions are resolved or filed and the case is dismissed. You can also get a general overview of the case upon request. Be sure to ask questions so you will know what is going on. Your attorney is also expected to answer you in a polite and patient manner.

You will also expect attorneys to be busy because they also attend court hearings, trials, and depositions. That said, you cannot expect your questions to be answered right away. By communicating with your attorney, you will be able to establish trust. There are various ways you can communicate with your attorney, but the most common is by phone calls, mail or in-office meetings. When it comes to communication, there is no best method. The key here is to never lose your communication.


Your attorney needs to know about procedures, deadlines and general legal principles of the law that they specialize. However, do not expect attorneys to have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the law in question. Even if you are dealing with an expert, gathering facts that will support your case will still take time as it also requires analysis.

Ethical Conduct

Expectations that are not met are common. This is why as legal practitioners should make it a point to abide by the rules and practice ethically. Your attorney is expected to know their limitations, become an honest representation to the client, become loyal to the client and make sure that they do not engage in activities that will only result in a conflict of interest and provide separate financial accounts for attorney money and client money.


An attorney is also expected to be comfortable and skillful in the area they specialize in. You might have seen on TV how attorneys get so dramatic. It is not usually the case in real life. A competent attorney should have excellent communication and writing skills. Superb trial skills are also important. Once they are in the courtroom, they should have the ability to represent you with confidence.

Fees and costs

Most clients are concerned about the cost that hiring an attorney entails. This is why from the beginning, your attorney should explain to you the fees and costs so you will not end up surprised. Whether it is an hourly or a fixed fee, your attorney should provide you an invoice on a monthly basis so you will know what you are paying for. As a client, you need to check the invoice as well so you can anticipate the costs. Before you make a payment, it is necessary that both you and your attorney have established an agreement.


Your attorney should be well prepared for court appearances, negotiation meeting or deposition. They are the ones who are in the position to strengthen the case so they should gather all the relevant facts and evidence to strengthen your case.

Now that you know what you will expect from your attorney, it is also imperative that you understand what the attorney expects from you as well. Communication is considered as a two-way street. You should inform your attorney about your preferred method of communication so you can stay updated of the progress of the case. It is also important to let your attorney know if you have changed your email, phone or home address.

You should also be an active participant in the case. Just because your attorney is representing you does not mean that he or she will be the only person who should be present during court trials. It is your case so you need to provide details and other essential information.

If you are in need of tax attorney Hawaii, be sure to check the qualifications. While no legal practitioners are perfect, you need someone whom you can completely trust and rely on when it comes to legal matters.

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