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What to Expect from a Bankruptcy Lawyer: Basic Responsibilities

When people or organizations are in debt, they struggle to pay their creditors, but hard times make it difficult for them to pay what they owe to their creditors. If they are unable to pay, the creditors and debt collection agencies take unpleasant actions against them. They consistently make calls, abuse, harass, humiliate, or threaten them with violence. The only debt relief solution for these people is to file bankruptcy. Filling Bankruptcy has two options. You can file bankruptcy independently, or file through a bankruptcy lawyer.

Though both options can help you in your debt relief, but before filing on your own, you need to understand that bankruptcy is a complex process. You also cannot guarantee that once bankruptcy Application is filed, it will be approved, or your whole debts will be discharged. If there is any mistake in your Application or filing, your petition will be delayed, or filing is rejected. You can avoid these risks if you hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. He ensures smooth sailing for your filing process by avoiding mistakes on Applications and filing. If creditors and debt collection agencies are harassing you, the lawyer can also put some legal restraints on creditors and stop them from harassing you or tell them to direct all their calls to him.

When filing bankruptcy, the bankruptcy lawyer will require documents and information on the financial situation, debts and income, assets and property, and monthly household living expenses. If you are married, you will also have to consider if your spouse will jointly file bankruptcy, or he/she is not jointly filing. You should also decide under which Chapter you want to file bankruptcy. You need to have complete knowledge of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

A bankruptcy lawyer, who has experience in filing bankruptcy, can guide you through the bankruptcy process. By hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, you can overcome a great deal of anxiety and stress that is common while filling bankruptcy. The lawyer can provide legal advice, help you through the process, and handle your bankruptcy proceeding from start to finish. He has many responsibilities toward you. He should be able to complete bankruptcy proceeding to your satisfaction and help you reorganize your debts and stand on your feet again.

If you are aiming to hire a bankruptcy lawyer in Wichita, Kansas and curious to know what options you have, and what are your lawyer’s responsibilities, known Bankruptcy Lawyer T. John has all answers to satisfy your curiosity.

Located in Wichita, Kansas, John Robbins is trusted and experienced bankruptcy lawyer. He has successfully resolved many bankruptcy cases and helping clients get the best debt relief solution and have a fresh start and the life they want. He says that the first responsibility of a bankruptcy attorney is to manage your or organizations debts you are unable to pay in a satisfying manner and guide you through bankruptcy process from start to finish in the best possible manner.

  1. John, another experienced bancruptcy lawyer has further explained the basic responsibilities of a bankruptcy lawyer.

Legal Advice

The lawyer must be knowledgeable about the Bankruptcy process, State and Federal laws, local court rules and procedures. He has to guide you through the bankruptcy process. It is also his responsibility to provide you competent legal advice on different aspects and types of bankruptcy.

During the initial consultation, the lawyer should assess your financial situation. After his evaluation, he will inform you of available debt relief options, and explain you about the advantages of different types of the bankruptcy filing, and what you can expect from them, or whether filing bankruptcy is your best solution. He will also apprise you about the Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and their requirements and eligibilities. You will also know that few debts cannot be wiped with a bankruptcy filing. If there are any risks related to your bankruptcy process, he has to make you aware of these risks. He will also discuss his fees, payment plans, and case related expenses during his initial consultation.

Once, you sign the bankruptcy retainer agreement with your lawyer, he will also immediately inform all creditors and accepts all calls from them on your behalf. He should also attend or return your calls, answer your questions, and email you, as and when required.

Bankruptcy Paperwork Preparation

The most important task of your lawyer will be to prepare bankruptcy paper works for filing bankruptcy with the court. He prepares all documents and forms based on information provided by you. It is, therefore, most essential that you provide accurate information to your attorney. The numbers of forms also depend on the creditors you owe. Before filing the bankruptcy petition, the lawyer will also ask you to review the forms for any mistakes related to debts, assets, and creditors. Once you are satisfied with the reviews, the finalized documents with your signature are filed in the court. It is also his responsibility that all papers are accurate and timely filed to avoid delays and other adverse consequences.

Bankruptcy Process Updates

During the proceeding of your bankruptcy case, the lawyer has various responsibilities toward you including:

  • It is the basic moral responsibility of the lawyer to keep you informed about the progress and new development throughout the proceedings of the case.
  • The lawyer should be truthful and uphold confidentiality,
  • Keep confidential all private information and data shared by you.
  • During the bankruptcy process, many issues come up, and additional documents may be required. The lawyers should collect these documents and immediately submit them.
  • The lawyer has to be fully aware of the consequences of his actions during the proceeding, and he has to apprise you about his plan of actions. All his actions must be your benefit.
  • The lawyer must have excellent communication and written skill, along with skills in negotiation, analysis, and maths.
  • Expertise in bankruptcy law and proceedings is also must for performing well in court.
  • The bankruptcy lawyer should have a background in finance for handling financial situations and debt settlements.
  • He has to analyze financial statements, negotiate with creditors, and decide about necessary actions and debt settlements.
  • The lawyer has to attend and represent you in any Creditors hearing where your presence is not required.

When a client hires a bankruptcy lawyer, it is the responsibility of the lawyer to use his expertise in bankruptcy law and proceeding to help his clients re-establish their credit and get them on the right road to financial recovery for a fresh start in life.

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