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What Should You Do When Faced With The Social Security Disability Judge?

People do apply for the social security disability benefits because of various reasons. The problem is that not all those that will apply will be approved. If you really want to be among the lucky ones that will obtain social security disability, it is important to get as much SSD help in Phoenix as possible. SSD attorneys can help you a lot but the way in which you behave in front of the judge will drastically impact the outcome. Many things can be said about this subject but the most important pointers anyone could offer are surely the following.

Pay Attention To How You Dress

The fact that you are asking for social security disability will not mean you will have to appear desperate or pitiful. You should take the necessary time to look as presentable as possible since the documents you will present and what you will say will have a huge impact on the process. If you do not dress properly you may think you attract sympathy but the truth is that you stand out as a person that does not have respect. The judge may end up thinking that you do not take the process seriously.

Get There Right On Time

Until you get to talk to the judge you may have to wait a lot of time so if you do not get there on time you will be faced with huge problems. That hearing may very well be the only real chance you will have. You need to be 100% sure you will get there on time. This means arriving before the scheduled time is a necessity.

Always Be Honest

One of the worst things you could do in the legal world is to lie to a judge. If you want to have a really good chance of winning the claim, you want to be honest. It is possible that you believe that some truths will hurt you. There are also some dishonest lawyers that will tell you to lie. Generally speaking, if any lawyer tells you to lie you have to hire another one. When you are in front of the judge you need to be honest. Even if the claim is denied, the problems you could be faced with when caught with a lie are much more serious.

Be A Good Listener

You should never interrupt the judge. That is annoying and can easily anger him. In various cases judges will simply make really fast decisions when they feel they are not respected. You want to carefully listen to all the questions, understand them properly and then answer. Never be rude but do be sure you politely ask in the event you did not understand something. Judges will help you when you do not understand what they are asking.

Listen To Your Lawyer

Last but not least, be sure that you listen to the lawyer you hired. Many of the disability cases will be handled by professionals and if you decided to hire one, do be sure that you listen to everything he says before the hearing starts.

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