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What Kind of Attorney Handles Sexual Abuse Cases?

Sexual abuse can have long-lasting effects on the victim. These can include both physical and mental consequences. Going through something like this can be very traumatizing, so it only makes sense that you want the search for a good attorney who can help you claim compensation from your abuser. 

But what is the best lawyer for sexual abuse survivors? Survivors need to know what attorneys can take their cases and handle them accordingly. If you don’t know who you should reach out to, this article will reveal more details on the matter. 

Sexual Abuse – What Sets It Apart from Criminal Cases?

There are lots of differences between criminal cases and civil lawsuits. It’s fundamental to understand these distinctions so you know which case should be pursued. 

A sexual abuse civil case is a lawsuit that is filed on behalf of the victim in civil court. The outcome of the case is determined by the amount of evidence. The judge or jury will then be responsible for deciding whether the abuse actually took place or didn’t happen at all. 

In case the abuse took place, the jury will analyze the amount of money requested by the prosecutors in compensation. Then, a fair settlement will be decided upon based on the injuries or damage. 

So, in this case, we can see that rather than deciding the potential innocence or guilt of the defendant, a civil lawsuit will try to find out if the defendant or the survivor is actually liable for the suffering. 

On the other hand, a sexual abuse criminal case occurs when the defendant has committed a crime which then gets reported. If the law enforcement authorities start an investigation and this results in an arrest, the suspect will end up being charged with the respective crime. 

The prosecutor will have to work hard to prove that the defendant has committed a crime. Also, there should be no doubt that the crime was committed by the suspect. 

In case the suspect is proven guilty, the next course of action would be to punish them. This could include fines, probation, and/or incarceration. Now, here’s where the main difference appears – these cases focus on finding the suspect guilty, and they do not offer the victim any type of compensation. In fact, survivors barely have anything to say in these cases. 

How Can a Sexual Abuse Attorney Help You?

When you hire a sexual abuse attorney, they will be able to help you navigate the case and make the right decisions. Some services offered by these legal experts include:

  • They go to all pre-trial hearings and conferences for you
  • They make sure you can collect your damage award
  • They try to get a settlement from insurance companies that may be covering the responsible party or individual
  • They determine what the case’s value is and what damages you could recover 
  • They offer legal advice 
  • They can explain what is required in the case 

Why Is a Sexual Abuse Attorney Necessary?

Even in a sexual abuse case, you may be thinking of representing yourself and not hiring an attorney. There are many reasons why you might want to do this. Perhaps you think you could prove the guilt of the defendant with all the evidence you have, or you may fear that you will not be believed even by a sexual abuse lawyer. 

Unfortunately, this fear can appear after seeing how other victims or even you are treated following the event. Victims are often not believed, or they are blamed for the incident, with people often bringing up clothing to excuse the abusers. Other victims also feel embarrassed about what happened.

However, hiring a sexual abuse attorney can determine the outcome of your case and significantly raise your chances of winning. Now, you should also spend a considerable amount of time researching the lawyer options you stumble upon.

Your best option is a personal injury lawyer who specializes in sexual abuse. Attorneys with experience in civil tort law are the best option, as they have already dealt with cases where a victim has experienced emotional or economic harm. 

The Bottom Line

If you have been the victim of sexual abuse, you should find the right attorney. Personal injury lawyers who specialize in sexual abuse cases are your best bet, especially those who dealt with civil tort law cases several times. For example, at Boucher LLP, you can find the help you need by hiring a legal expert with the right experience and dedication.

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