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What it Costs to Engage a Connecticut Personal Injury Attorney

Most Connecticut personal injury law firms charge contingently; you do not need upfront payment to engage their services. Also, you do not need to bother with a retainer or hourly charges. Instead, you will only pay the lawyer a pre-agreed percentage after they have successfully helped you recover compensation. 

This article discusses personal injury attorney charges and factors influencing the fees they receive. 

Dissecting Associated Costs in Personal Injury Matters

Seeking a personal injury claim is often a costly and tiring adventure. Many victims dodge personal injury lawyers because they assume their services are expensive. However, personal injury attorneys always advocate vehemently for their clients to get the highest settlement available because they know they will get their fee from the compensation they obtain. 

Crucial Detail on Personal Injury Attorney Costs

Knowing about payment and fee systems is essential before engaging a Connecticut personal injury lawyer. The essential information to know includes:

  • Personal injury lawyers charge contingently 
  • Clients and lawyers will agree on the fee amount before starting the case
  • Most personal injury lawyers charge 33 percent to 40 percent of the entire settlement
  • The client must pay some other court fees and costs, such as filing fees and investigatory costs

The fee may appear excessive to clients, but most lawyers are willing to negotiate. Further, the lawyer will probably offer legal services for a lower amount if they forecast a matter to be worth more. 

Typical Fees in Connecticut Personal Injury Matters

Other charges are associated with a personal injury matter apart from the lawyer's fee. The costs include:

Medical Records

Physicians often charge a given amount before allowing access to your medical records. Most charge about $0.65 per page. However, 42 U.S.C.A Section 17593(e)(2) declares the charges unlawful. 

The statute mandates the provision of every requested document electronically and should not exceed labor costs. The HITECH Act states that patients can access electronic records for a reasonable amount. 

“Your lawyer can ensure your medical provider charges you reasonably for medical records,” says Connecticut personal injury attorney Jon D. Berman.

If a medical provider charges exorbitantly, it will negatively affect the compensation you will eventually receive. Your attorney will work assiduously to prevent this wickedness. 


For the evidence to be tenable in court, you or your attorney must refrain from gathering it. Thus, your attorney can involve an investigator to take pictures of the accident scene and collate sworn statements for eyewitnesses. The scope of the investigation will determine the specific amount the investigator demands. 


You may need depositions for your case. Your lawyer can investigate what transpired and ensure witnesses and defendants commit to whatever they say under oath with depositions. 

This is an essential discovery aspect. However, court reporters who will draft the transcription must be present for a deposition. The defendant must pay the associated fees, which can be more than $1,000. The fees can be higher if multiple parties undergo the process. 

Jury Claim Fee

Defendants must bear the jury claim charges sometimes. However, this situation rarely occurs. A judge decides some matters while a jury decides others. Discuss the decision with your lawyer because a personal injury claim cost a jury decides is often more expensive. 

Police Reports

The cost of getting a police report is relatively cheap in Connecticut. It often ranges between $10 and $20. 

Cost of Serving and Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The cost of filing a lawsuit in Connecticut differs. The plaintiff or victim must pay to appear on the docket and serve the defendant's papers. You need about $100 to $1,000 to serve papers in Connecticut. 

The specific amount you pay depends on the number of individuals involved and the distance a marshal must go. In Connecticut, a marshal must serve every paper. 

Expert Witnesses

The costs often shoot up when you hire an expert witness to assist with your personal injury matter. Your personal injury issue may need experts to testify on liability, damages, and treatment. Physicians often charge exorbitantly to testify in people's cases. 

Further, expert charges differ depending on the discipline. Hence, we cannot give a range in this piece. Your attorney can enlighten you on the cost of engaging an expert witness for your personal injury claim. 

The Probable Fees Related to Not Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Engaging a Connecticut personal injury attorney may appear costly. However, the challenges of not having a legal representative are often enormous and more costly. 

For instance, if you were involved in an auto crash and suffered more complications due to medical issues, you can quickly feel overwhelmed and confused when medical costs happen, and the insurance firm fails to offer many options. All the parties can shortchange you without a legal advocate to fight for your cause.

If you sustain injuries due to someone else's negligence or recklessness, you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering. A Connecticut personal injury attorney knows how to use local laws to negotiate with the guilty party and obtain appropriate compensation.

A suitable personal injury attorney will offer quality legal representation to deal decisively with your worries during the first free consultation. The meeting allows you to highlight strategies to prosecute the case, find answers to gray areas, and know potential costs. Also, the first meeting will give you insight into the client-lawyer relationship you should expect. 

Carefully search for a personal injury attorney who ticks all your boxes to avoid frustrations. Settle for a firm with proven success stories in similar cases. The firm should be solution-driven. 

Final Words

This piece has shown that many factors affect the potential costs of your personal injury claim. The matter’s distinctive features will determine its actual cost. However, you need the best legal representation to achieve the most desirable outcome for your case. 

Hence, carefully contact a local personal injury law firm for a free consultation. Ensure the lawyer understands your situation and is ready to do everything you need before settling for them. You must be sure about the strategies they want to use for your claim and how frequently they will update you on the case's progress. 

Most importantly, ensure there are no hidden charges in their fee. Discuss payment issues extensively to avoid undue arguments at the end of the case. Ask questions and sign agreements before starting the case. Ensure it is a win-win situation for both parties.

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