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What Is Considered to be a Personal Injury?


Any time you get into an accident, there’s a chance that you can get injured. The seriousness of that injury depends on multiple factors. You may experience

something as minor as a scratch-up to broken bones or death. However, just

because you’ve been in an accident, that doesn’t automatically mean you are

entitled to compensation to cover your medical expenses.

There are two different types of injuries: ordinary and personal. While both types of injuries impact your body, a personal injury is caused by another person’s negligence. These are the types of accidents and injuries that you might need a personal injury attorney in Greenville to help you get compensation.

The Most Common Cause of Personal Injury

The most common personal injury that you might experience is a car accident. With so many drivers on the road, every time you get behind the wheel, there is a

chance you could get into a mild fender bender or a serious crash. If the other person is at-fault, they should be held responsible for the damage they caused.

Some of the most common personal injuries that are the result of a car accident include the following:

  • Whiplash
  • Injuries to your neck and back
  • Lacerations
  • Damage to your spinal cord
  • Head trauma
  • Burns

Any of these injuries can take a long time to heal from, and you may be unable to work during that process. That won’t stop the medical bills from piling up, so

having a way to pay for your expenses will reduce a lot of your stress. Working

with a lawyer to determine if the at-fault party should pay and how much is in

your best interest.

Other Causes of Personal Injury

Car accidents might be the most common cause of personal injuries, but they aren’t

the only way you can get hurt. Some of the other causes of personal injury

include the following:

  • Medical negligence – this is caused by medical providers, including doctors and nurses, or the hospital or healthcare facility causing damage while you are in their care
  • Premise liability – if you slip, trip, or fall on someone else’s property due to something they did (or didn’t do) and get injured, they may have to pay for the damage that was caused
  • Animal attacks – probably the most common injury associated with animal attacks are dog bites; not only can this moment be incredibly scary, but it can leave lasting damage that will result in medical bills that pile up
  • Intentional injuries – more often than not, if someone assaults

you, that falls under this category; since another person is negligent and

causes bodily harm, they may be responsible for paying for your medical


  • Injuries caused by alcohol – often referred to as “dram shop laws,” these involve being injured by someone who is intoxicated; not all states have this law in place, but working with a lawyer will let you know if your case falls into this category

You don’t need to know exactly what category your injury falls under. If you’ve been

injured because of someone else’s actions (or lack thereof), then it’s in your

best interest to speak to a lawyer. They have the skills and expertise to classify what type of personal injury you have, and then they can decide if you should go after compensation.

Determining If You Have a Case

Many different types of accidents can occur that may result in injury to your body.

However, not all accidents and injuries are eligible to be taken to court for compensation. Only personal injuries, which are caused by the negligence of

another person can be taken into the court system.

If you’re uncertain whether your accident qualifies as a personal injury or not, talk to a lawyer. They’ll have the answers to many questions you might have. If they

determine that you have a case, they’ll also have the skills and ability to

potentially get you the compensation you deserve.

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