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What Can an Attorney Do for You After You’ve Been Arrested?

Everyone knows that you need a lawyer if you’ve been charged with a crime and arrested, but did you ever wonder what exactly it is they do for you? Yes, they keep you from saying anything you shouldn’t when it’s time to make a statement, but what exactly is it they do other than look for ways to keep you from being found guilty? Actually, there is much more to it than that.

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Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

The average person is familiar with their Miranda Rights and that anything they say can, and probably will, be used against them in a court of law. But the 5th Amendment isn’t the only Amendment they are concerned with. What about the Amendments that provide for you to be innocent until proven guilty or that everyone, even those from other countries, have a right to be treated equally? If you think that an attorney only works toward their day in court, you’ve underestimated all they do for you.

A Lawyer’s Part in Preserving Evidence

Altogether too often an important piece of evidence goes missing or is inadvertently destroyed. Not only is an attorney going to immediately look through the evidence collected ‘against’ you, they will also seek to find evidence that works on your behalf to preserve it going into trial. It is their duty to do so. Even the seemingly tiniest bit of evidence can make all the difference in the world when it comes to defending you, and they do spend a great deal of time preserving that evidence. Sometimes that one piece of evidence that could clear your name is overlooked without due diligence on the part of your attorney.

Offering General Advice

From the very moment you’ve contacted an attorney to represent you, they are in your corner offering what advice they can to help you get through the days until your case goes to court. If you are in Minnesota, for example, and don’t have a clue how to post bail to get out of jail, they can recommend bail bondsmen they’ve worked with in the past. The know that Goldberg Bail Bonds is the largest in the state and that there are many, many locations throughout Minnesota. They explain what you can and can’t do while awaiting trial. It is often their expertise that keeps you from making a grave mistake that could work against you when facing a jury of your peers.

When you are told to do or say nothing until you are represented by an attorney, it is vital that you heed that warning. Just because you know you are innocent, doesn’t mean that the smallest thing you say or do couldn’t be held against you when facing the court. Your attorney will ensure that you are treated fairly under the Constitution and will see to it that no stone is left uncovered in your defense. It may mean spending an extra day or two in jail until you’ve found the right criminal defense lawyer, but the outcome of your case may depend on doing just that. Never underestimate all it is that an attorney can do for you.

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