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What are The Types of Worker Compensations in Australia

There are four main types of workers compensation in Western Australia, which are given to workers in a firm or organisation on injuries. If you have got injured in an organisation or factory or shop etc. here, then based on your injury type, employment status, doctor certificate, physical and mental health and such few other factors, compensation will be issued for you. This compensation money will be released by the insurance company that has got you covered as the employees of your employer.

The types of worker injury compensations you may get

Weekly compensation

A weekly workers compensation Perth is a payment a worker gets on being declared injured and unfit for work. And as per an amount pre-decided a worker can get a reasonable compensation every week for the loss of employment and workability. Usually, this weekly payment is calculated by calculating the weekly pay you would have received on working, and based on that an average amount is decided.

When you are fit again and have returned to work, the payments will stop, and the natural work wage you received earlier will resume. Some of the reasons your worker compensation may stop are:

  • If you are certified medically fit to return to work, and you have not done so already.
  • If you have agreed to receive a low amount of compensation which is a general standard by law.
  • If you have already reached the prescribed compensation limit.

Compensation for medical treatment expenses

If you have incurred medical expenses for any one-time treatment or ongoing treatment, and are continually spending money on related costs, then you would get all of them covered by medical compensations. Once again, there is a prescribed amount for medical expenses too. But still, some costs related to treatments like the lodging or boarding charges, travel allowances etc. are paid within this claim.

Rehabilitation compensation

Based on a prescribed quantity you can get rehabilitation expense covered compensation too.

Permanent damage expense

Permanent impairment compensation is provided from a prescribed amount in case you are medically declared so. And in that case, the amount to be paid is calculated by subtracting all the weekly payments you had received in compensation before you were declared permanently impaired. The rest of the amount is paid as a lump sum amount.

To know if there is any permanent impairment there will be an assessment.  A medical professional certified and trained by WorkCover WA would assess you under Approved Medical Specialist guidelines. Accordingly, you would be certified. And before you undergo this AMA test for finding out if you are permanently impaired, you should consult a lawyer individually, and stay backed up legally.

Concluding Notes

Based on so many tests and calculations, compensations for workers get decided, and this makes the documents and the injured worker go through a long process. But when have the proper support of a learned lawyer and clear concepts of worker claims, then you can win any situation and get the deserving compensation.

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