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Understanding Conveyancing And How to Hire The Perfect Solicitor

Conveyancing can be a very tedious and stressful process if it is not handled correctly. Therefore, if you want to know more about it, and how to hire the perfect solicitor to take care of it, then this article is for you.

We will start by giving you a proper overview on what conveyancing is, so you can start off with the right foot. Then, we will show you what you need to take into account at the hour of hiring a solicitor.

An Overview on Conveyancing: Your Most Important Doubts Answered

Definition And Duration:

In simple terms: a legal process that is part of transfer of property ownership. It takes of all the paperwork and documents for transferring a real property from one person to another, and therefore, there are many things to take care of.

Usually, the process can take from four to eight weeks, which is the normal length for a conventional purchase take. However, be aware that not all conveyancing solicitors are the same; therefore, in some cases it could take longer if he/she does not do a good job.

The solicitor will make a great difference, and that is why we have dedicated a complete section for explaining you how to pick the right one.

Why Is This Process Important And Necessary?

Because it will protect you, either as the seller or the buyer. It will allow you to see the real pros and cons of the property you are about to buy, so you can take a decision before exchanging contracts and being near to sealing the deal.

It is a requirement, and moreover, it will put you aware of the whole situation regarding the real property you are about to buy.

Now, let us check how to hire the right solicitor for this essential process.

How to Hire The Perfect Solicitor?

The first thing you need to take care of is to check if the solicitor is registered with the Council of Licensed Conveyancers and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

However… how can you hire the right one? Experience plays a huge role, and therefore, you need to make sure to work with a highly experienced solicitor.

The more cases a solicitor has worked on, the higher chances of winning you will have. It is a direct correlation, and thus, you should take this tip into account.

Moreover, it is also necessary to compare between different solicitors, so you can pick the one that brings you the best value.

However, you should be aware that unrealistic fees (this service tends to be expensive) are a huge red flag, and therefore, you should stay away from them. There are many things your solicitor will have to take care of:

  • Properly check the legal title documentation
  • Provide the buyer with a detailed report on the contract, legal title and other important documents brought by the property seller
  • Check all the details prior to the exchange of contract between the buyer and seller
  • Take care of liaising with the mortgages lenders in order to ensure the availability of the funds when needed to concrete the deal

These are just some of the things a solicitor will have to do, and thus, you need to make sure he/she is capable of it.

Closing Thoughts:

Now you know more about conveyancing, why it is important and how to hire the right solicitor. Take your own time to handle everything with calm, because rushing will not do you any good.

We hope this article helped you, but in case you have a doubt, just let us know in the comments!

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