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UK Immigration Control Changes as E-border System Fails

With the vast influx of immigrants wishing to settle in the UK and the constant threat of terrorism it was deemed necessary to find a way of controlling and checking every passenger entering here. The system of technology based border controls called ‘the e-borders system’ was launched in May 2009 with an aim of being fully operational by 2014.

However, by collecting data from this system and checking this control it now seems that the system is inadequate and failing. The Times (October 9th, 2013) reported that though this system has cost £500m, passengers are still flooding into the country unchecked. At a later date these immigrants are often discovered and deemed to be illegal – causing distress to perhaps the persons innocently involved or allowing dangerous criminals into society.

These details do not bode well for persons wishing to settle in the UK legally for work or study or to just enjoy a holiday here.

If you are intending to travel to the UK and wish to efficiently and quickly get through the border controls legally you must provide information in advance of journey to the correct department – the Home Office UK Border Agency. However it seems that this system seems to cover just 65% of the 142 million passengers who cross the borders each year. There has been difficulties caused by the system running alongside rail and maritime operations, additionally the compatibility of the system with EU law is also in question.

As these problems begin to emerge into the media the government has had to rethink the whole system of control and enforcement of the law regarding illegal immigration but look at it from a different point of view. Whilst getting into the UK illegally seems relatively easy new steps must be taken to make it more difficult to live in the UK if you cannot prove you are there legally. Consequently a new Immigration Bill is expected to become law in spring 2014 based on enforcement: it focuses on people the government want to keep out or control.

Conclusively as the UK laws change and try to make society a safe and economically viable community, anyone wishing to cross the border must be aware of all the restrictions and requirements in force at that time. If you are hoping to come to the UK to live, study or work perhaps consulting legal advice from a qualified immigration solicitor before considering your move would be the first and best step to take.

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