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Top Ways to Avoid a Car Accident in Kansas City This Year

While none of us ever want to be involved in a car accident, there are certain things we have control over to minimize the chance of one happening. In order to avoid a car accident in Kansas City this year, our team of Kansas City car accident lawyers has put together their list of the best ways you can keep yourself safe and secure on the road. Keep reading to discover our top tips for your road safety this year.

Don’t Drink and Drive

With the holiday season fast approaching, we expect our team of Kansas City car accident lawyers will see a huge increase in drinking and driving accidents. Never get in a car after drinking, and also don’t sit in someone else’s car if they have been drinking. You don’t have full control over your body and mind when you are drinking, which can lead to making huge mistakes on the road. Drugs are also another huge concern, and we see a worrying number of Kansas City accidents related to drugs and driving. Make sure you are always sure about who you are getting in a car with and only travel with people you fully trust.


Speeding is something we have full control over, so make sure you keep an eye on your speed at all times on the roads in Kansas City. This is one of the most dangerous things about driving here, and sometimes pedestrians are hit purely because a driver isn’t paying attention to the road when traveling far too fast. Make sure you keep within the speed limit or drive under it at all times. This is particularly important when you are traveling somewhere that’s unfamiliar to you. Make sure you are really aware of where you are going, and you’ll find you get to your destination on time and safely each day.

Texting and Driving

We all rely on our phones so much each day, and our team of Kansas City car accident lawyers sees so many accidents that occur just due to texting and driving. Never use your phone when driving, and pull over if you really must take a call or send a message to someone. We recommend leaving your phone away from your driving seat, or if you are using it for directions, make sure it’s properly mounted at eye level. Switch off notifications if you can when driving, so you aren’t tempted to check Facebook or Instagram on the go. Even if you think it’s okay to check your messages when you are stopped at a red light, you need to be aware of what’s going on around you at all times.

Book Your Car in for Regular Services

While many of the accidents we’ve discussed so far are based on your actions on the road, make sure you also keep your car in top condition at all times. You’ll find that by booking your vehicle for a regular service, you can have more control over how it reacts on the road. This will stop critical failures and accidents from occurring, particularly when you are heading out on a long journey. During the winter months, make sure you get your car checked over before it gets too cold to ensure you are prepared for the change in weather that’s coming our way.

Driving at Night

If you aren’t used to driving at night as much as some drivers, take extra precautions when you find yourself out late. It can be much more disorienting driving in the dark, and you might not know where you are or when you should make the next turn. Use a sat nav where possible but also make sure you drive slowly and carefully to avoid an accident. We encourage you to think about driving with someone else when you are out late at night, so you have someone else to direct you if you are struggling to see where you are going. Don’t be in a rush to get home no matter how late it is, and always use the recommended lights based on the current conditions and when you are driving.

These are just a few of the best ways to have more control over your safety when driving in Kansas City this year. As a team of Kansas City car accident lawyers, we’ve seen almost everything you could imagine during our careers. Car accidents can be devastating for everyone who is involved, which is why we encourage you to safely drive everywhere around our city this year. If you do find yourself in a tricky situation, make sure you contact our team immediately. We’ll be here to support you with any claim and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve when an accident wasn’t your fault.

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