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Top 4 reasons why couples divorce

When a couple plans and goes through the motions of their wedding day, relishing the anticipation, enjoying every moment, reciting beautiful vows, dancing their first dance and celebrating their love with their family and friends, no one ever expects there to be an expiry date on their relationship. And unfortunately, the clock may already be ticking…

The term "'til death do us part" is incredibly final, yet for many couples, it really doesn't stand true. More couples than ever before are filing for divorce – click the link to speak with this divorce lawyer Virginia Beach for more information - with a lot of people cutting ties with their spouse within the first five years of marriage. But why are so many couples filing for divorce? Here we’ll explore the top 4 reasons.

Money issues

Money makes the world go round, but unfortunately, it can bring many marriages to a standstill. Money is the cause of all kinds of conflicts within relationships, from hidden debt problems and reckless spending to a spouse withholding funds and trying to use money as a way to control their partner.

Couples who have different long term spending goals or ideas where their money should go i.e. one wants to buy a house, while the other wants to immediately spend everything they earn, often turn to divorce if they can’t find common ground and constantly clash over their money. Money problems can also lead to communication and trust issues, which in turn can lead to divorce.

Lack of intimacy

The number of couples living in a sexless marriage might surprise you. A lack of intimacy can drive a wedge between couples, pushing them apart and enforcing feelings of loneliness and isolation. However it’s important to remember that a lack of intimacy doesn’t mean a lack of sex, it also means a lack of non-physical side acts, such as hand-holding, hugs, loving phone calls and messages. A healthy marriage implies that each individual can look to the other for support and attention. Without it, feelings of resentment and rejection can often lead to divorce.


Probably the most obvious reason couples divorce. Once someone in the marriage has betrayed their relationship and the trust of their spouse, their relationship will never be the same. Even if the spouse forgives them. Suspicion, always checking up on your partner and bringing up their infidelity in future disagreements subsequently becomes common, which usually results in divorce anyway. There are many different reasons why partners cheat, but whatever the reason, when it eventually comes to light it will probably lead to a divorce.

And finally, abuse

Domestic abuse is something that all genders can experience, and sadly it's common grounds for a divorce. When we think of domestic abuse, physical violence is perhaps the most obvious kind, however, other kinds of abuse can also lead to divorce and even criminal proceedings. Emotional, financial, and even coercive control are all valid reasons to file for separation and walk away. And this kind of abuse doesn't have to be directed at the spouse, it could also be directed at children, stepchildren or other family members.

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