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The Only Tool You Need For Proofreading Legal Documents

For those just starting in the legal industry, such as paralegals and young lawyers, there’s seemingly no end to the amount of work you have to do. You’ll most likely be swamped with paperwork every day. From drafting lots of pages of formal texts to proofreading legal documents to writing business correspondence and reports, paperwork must be your friend.

Of course, all these papers and texts are expected to be perfect, with no errors. Yet, many law firms don’t optimize the drafting, editing, and proofreading processes for their paralegals and young lawyers.

The result is that stress now dominates the legal services industry, as shown by the 2019 Resilience and Well-being report by the Junior Lawyers Division. The question is, is there any way to make it better?

Law software is one way to make your life as a young lawyer or paralegal easier. Loio is a digital proofreading software that helps lawyers, paralegals, and everyone who proofreads or drafts legal documents. It’s a simple plugin installed on Microsoft Word and then turned on when editing and proofreading legal documents.

Many people, lawyers included, believe that the best proofreading software is expensive and only available to huge law firms, but that is a major misconception. No matter your law firm’s size, you need to create error-free drafts, reports, and texts, and Loio helps you with that.

How does law software help?

Loio uses AI-powered analysis to notice every piece of key information in the text. Essential information like contract parties, money amounts, places, dates, bank accounts, and others are easily located and highlighted by Loio. This makes proofreading legal documents easier because it’s like having an extra pair of eyes on your document, keeping you from making mistakes.

With Loio, you don’t have to worry about manually highlighting and editing each text component when proofreading legal documents. Loio will scan the document, sort out the text fonts and spacings into groups, allowing you to manage them easily with the proofreading program.

Many times, when editing or proofreading legal documents, your eyes skip some errors, which can affect the quality of your document. Well, no more. Loio provides quick-fix suggestions to speed up your work. You’ll see any errors in your references and numbering.

Another thing that makes law software a great option is that it’s very affordable. There’s no demo, neither do you need to go through any special process to apply for this proofreading software. You can install Loio and enjoy a free three-month trial. All you need to do is verify your email to get full functionality, and you can start using Loio to proofread your legal documents and speed up your work.

Proofreading legal documents to ensure that they are error-free is a requirement for any lawyer or paralegal, and with Loio, you can do that faster, quicker, and much cheaper. So sign up for your free trial today and start creating error-free legal documents.

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