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The Foundational 7 Step Marketing Strategy for Car Accident Lawyers

Established firms, such as the Wagner and Jones Auto Accident Attorney services department in the Fresno area have their success working for them in terms of marketing. It may seem like a convenience for such firms, but their reputation did not come by sheer luck nor was it achieved overnight. While experience and success rate in personal injury cases will help further a lawyer’s career, a sound marketing strategy is essential in giving his practice the needed traction to get his brand out there.

The following are seven simple, yet effective marketing strategies to help more people become aware of car accident lawyer’s brand.

1.  Create A Website

Having a website is a cost-effective way of increasing brand awareness in any enterprise, and this works well for lawyers, as well. The convenience of looking up goods and services online extends even for those who are seeking legal representation in an auto accident case. In fact, they are more likely to opt for the convenience of looking for a car accident lawyer online, considering the trauma that they experienced after the accident. It is therefore important to set up your own website and create it in a way that will encourage your website visitors to acquire your services.

2.  Design Your Website Wisely

It will be a good idea to set-up your website specifically as being a personal injury lawyer’s website. This way, your website visitors know that you specialize in the field. While it is a given that your website should contain your educational background, experience, professional fees, etc., it should not be the only focus of your content. The key is to capture the attention of your website visitors and have them stay on your site longer.

Ideally, your content should have articles that address the common concerns of your target clientele. Keep your content fresh and informative as this might even encourage your site visitors to repost your website content on their social media pages, giving you free advertisement in the process.

3.  Consider Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO will be helpful in further spreading your brand. Studies consistently show that those who search for goods or services seldom get past the first three pages of the search engine results. Hire SEO services to optimize your website for the search engines as well as for online lawyer directories and resources.

4.  Be Active On Social Media

Join discussions and be active in posting relevant comments on forums and social networking sites that are relevant to your practice. You may also post links to your own articles that are related to the discussion, if the forum or social media page allows it.

5.  Add High Quality Photos and Videos to Your Website

One survey shows that a majority of internet users are more drawn to websites with high quality photos and videos. Adding these to your website will further encourage your website visitors to stay on your site and even share it with friends on their social networking accounts.

6.  Do Pro Bono Work

One quick way to get your potential clients to beat a path to your office doorstep is to offer pro bono work. Most people will appreciate free services and once you have done a few, you can trust these happy clients to refer you to friends and relatives.

7.  Be Present in Community Events

This may sound tacky, but being present in community events to rub elbows with those in your community is a good way of expanding your network. It is also an opportunity for you to get a feel of the major area of legal concerns in your area, which may just land you a few clients instantly.

Most of the strategies mentioned above do not require a significant financial investment. If your financial situation permits it, however, it will also be a good idea to pay for social media advertising that targets potential clients in your area. This form of advertising may come at a cost, but it is one quick way of increasing awareness of your service as a car accident lawyer.

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