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The Five Crucial Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and falls happen more frequently than we think. The National Safety Council revealed that “42, 114 people died in falls at home and at work” in 2020 alone. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that falls is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths in the world.

But have you ever asked yourself: “What should I do if I get involved in a slip and fall accident?” Here are five crucial steps to keep in mind:

1. Get treated.

Nothing takes more priority than getting yourself—or a loved one—treated after a slip-and-fall accident. Whether it’s a minor or major injury, it’s very important to have yourself checked by a doctor, so that proper tests can be performed to rule out external and internal injuries.

Your medical record will also serve as crucial evidence when you seek compensation in court.

2. Document everything.

If you’re going to build a strong case for your claim, you need to gather all the evidence that you can get from the accident.

Collect the names, addresses, and contact information of all potential witnesses, take photos of the exact location of the accident and take notes of everything that you can recall before, during, and after you slipped and fell.

You should also preserve the clothes and shoes that you wore on the day of the accident, as they may be relevant in your case.

3. Report the accident to the right party.

Whether the accident happened in a neighbor’s house, a supermarket, or a parking lot, you need to report it right away to the concerned party. Ask the landlord, homeowner, or manager to write down the report in detail and request a copy for your reference.

4. Hire the right attorney.

Choosing the right personal injury attorney will be a huge factor if you will win your claim or not, so make sure to hire a competitive lawyer with the expertise and experience in handling slip and fall accidents.

Having a good attorney on your side will make it easier to prove your claim and put together a strong case that will increase your chances of getting the compensation that you deserve. Do your research to make sure that you’re working with a successful law firm with an attorney who can represent you well in court.

5. Never give any statements.

Remember the saying that “anything you say or do could be used against you”? That holds true when you’re filing any type of case and especially in a slip and fall accident claim.

Make sure to limit any communication with the homeowner or manager nor post anything detailed about your accident on social media. All your statements should only be given in court and let your attorney answer any inquiries from anyone outside of it.

Winning a slip-and-fall claim is definitely possible if you follow these five crucial steps to help you win.

Be sure to speak with a slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible.

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