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The Best Lawsuit Loan Companies 

When it comes to the best lawsuit loan companies, you need to ensure you are getting quality service.  Unfortunately when fighting a lawsuit, litigation or negotiation with an insurance company; there can be unnecessary delays (often times purposely delayed to promote a lesser settlement of your injury claim).  The insurance company doesn't have a lot to work with when you hire an attorney, other than knowing that unnecessary delays may promote you settling for lower offers prematurely.  This is one of the ways that a lawsuit loan company can help you save money.  If you are able to fight your case longer and give the insurance company an understanding you are not in a rush to settle, you can have more leverage to fight your claim or lawsuit!
What Are The Qualities of The Best Lawsuit Loan Companies
Is the lawsuit loan company self funding?  If so, this is a great quality because they are able to make the decisions on your pre-settlement funding advance.  This is also extremely beneficial because the best lawsuit loan companies are able to fund your loan quickly! For example, Mayfield Settlement Funding can fund lawsuits in as little as 24 hours!  If you are in a hurry for a fast pre-settlement loan - call them for a free case evaluation and fast approval!  They are actually available 24 hours a day as well! 
Quality customer service is a definite positive, we have found that tons of the lawsuit loan companies online simply do not offer the best customer service or are not available at all! So make sure you apply with a lawsuit loan company that will respond to your loan request and questions quickly!  We also recommend A Pre-Settlement Funding services, they are a premier and fast provider of litigation funding and pre-settlement funding services!
Watch The Rates Of Lawsuit Loans
Lawsuit Loans are often times going to have a higher interest rate because they are higher risk, and there is no recourse if you lose your lawsuit so they are risking more by lending the money.  That is both a good and a bad thing, because if your lawsuit fails to obtain the reward you expect and there is no money left over for the pre-settlement funding company - you don't need to pay back your advance in most cases (ask the company to be sure).  Comparing rates can save you some money, and also verify they can meet your time restraint needs as well.  
What Is Required To Obtain Pre-Settlement Loans?
You don't typically need to provide any credit information or income verification.  The cash advances are typically provided based on your case and obtaining a lien position in your lawsuit to be repaid upon completion of your case.  So you should not need to have good credit or verify income.  Additionally, make sure you are using a pre-settlement loan company that doesn't require payment if you lose your case.  Additionally, find out about the turnaround time of lawsuit loans - most companies say they offer fast turnaround time - but only a few such as Mayfield Settlement Funding offer the turnaround time you should expect from a reputable lender. 
Good luck with your litigation or lawsuit negotiation!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mayfield Settlement Funding at 888-800-8400 today.

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