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Suffered injuries in an auto accident in Philadelphia? Get an attorney

While thousands of people get injured in auto accidents in the US every month, the outcome can be more severe for some. Pennsylvania follows a hybrid insurance system. If you purchased no-fault coverage, you need to seek compensation from your own PIP coverage after an accident in Philadelphia. Only in some situations can you possibly step out of the no-fault system and sue the other side for their negligence. Hiring a lawyer is necessary for many reasons, and we have enlisted a few below for your help. 

Certain auto accident injuries may get worse over time

People often assume that they have suffered minor injuries and fail to take appropriate action. However, accident injuries can worsen over a period of time, and a lawyer is the best person to advise on whether you should file a claim now or wait for the right time. If you want to file a car accident lawsuit, Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations has a deadline of two years. 

When you have a share in the fault

What happens when two drivers share the blame for causing the auto accident? Pennsylvania follows the modified comparative fault rule, which means if you are more than 50% at fault, you cannot sue the other driver, regardless of whether you have suffered serious losses and injuries. The other party’s lawyer will do their best to prove that you are more responsible for the accident, and hence, you need an attorney to prove your side. 

Dealing with the insurance company

The adjuster from the insurance company will try to get a recorded statement or may ask you to sign documents in the guise of being friendly. All insurance companies work for a profit, and therefore, you cannot expect them to be honest with you. They cannot demand your medical records or push you to accept an offer. You need a lawyer so that you don’t fall for the common tricks used by claims adjusters. 

Focus on your recovery

When you hire an attorney, you hand over the work related to the accident. If you are seriously injured, you need to focus on how you can get better and handle the financial consequences of the mishap. An attorney can help reduce your burden and can use the time to gather information and evidence that can help your case. 

Call an accident lawyer today and get a free consultation session to understand your claim better. 

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