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Steps in Dealing with Speeding and Car Accidents Amid the Pandemic

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay indoors, there are fewer cars on the road. With a light traffic situation, there are fewer car accidents. The car accidents that are still happening have been particularly deadly, though, because people are speeding more with wide open roads. 

Factors Affecting Car Accidents

According to a special report released by UC Davis Road Ecology Center, the percentage of traffic congestion and vehicular accidents has dropped by as much as 50%. The report noted that California had 15,000 fewer collisions during the same time frame last year, and this could be due to the stay-at-home orders. Aside from fewer vehicles on the road, another factor that supports the decrease in accidents is the fact that there are fewer drunk driving incidents as bars and dine-in restaurants are closed as well. 

Speeding Up Amid the Pandemic

One of the noted changes in behavior among drivers, when they go out for their essential tasks such as grocery shopping and work travels, is the increasing speed at which they are driving. Before the pandemic, there were too many cars on the street, and it was often impossible for drivers to boost their speed. Now that the roads are close to being empty, it is as if they have the freedom to hit their gas pedals and drive faster. 

Most highway patrols are noticing that cars are now traveling at faster speeds. Several drivers have been cited for traffic violations for going beyond 100 miles per hour. Driving at excessive speeds is incredibly dangerous, as car crashes involving high speed are much more likely to be fatal. 

Aside from driving at top speeds, drivers have also been notably more aggressive and reckless while they are on the road. For this reason, experts warn that car owners should make sure that the policy for their car insurance from Allstate or another provider is up to date. This way, if they are on the road and experience an accident, their insurance coverage won’t be lapsed.

Steps for Maintaining Social Distancing During an Accident

Should you find yourself in an accident during the pandemic, you must be careful about how you distance yourself from the other party. Here are some ways: 

As much as possible, you must maintain a safe distance so that you don’t expose yourself if the other person turns out to be positive from the coronavirus. 

  • If you need to exchange personal information, avoid giving and receiving business cards. Use your mobile phone to take pictures. Do the same for documents that you need to get a hold off. 

  • Just like any car accident case, call your insurance provider and inform them immediately of the accident. 

  • Take pictures of the damage to your car and other pertinent details that you should include in your claim. 

  • If you have any injuries, see if they are severe and warrant emergency care. If not, inform your medical provider and have a video call so they can do an initial checkup. This is important to help you strengthen your personal injury case later on. Should any person die due to the accident, it would also be necessary to contact their insurance provider. 

While we are yet to see the end of the coronavirus pandemic, the best way to protect yourself from the virus and any unwanted accidents is to stay at home. Should there be a need for you to go out, make sure to stay alert while on the road. Watch out for any drivers who may be driving recklessly and avoid them as much as possible.

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