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Staple Fashion Pieces for a Career in Law

To be taken seriously in the world of law, you might need to dress the part. While looks shouldn’t trump skill, people are more likely to respond to someone dressed smartly, in the image of what they expect a lawyer to look like.

For example, when someone wants to find a local wrongful death lawyer, the way their potential lawyer presents themselves may well sway their decision. Smart attire will come across as far more professional and competent than if you were to wear casual clothing.

Tailored Black Trousers

The first staple piece of a lawyer would be a pair of tailored black trousers. These may have been altered to fit so they look that bit more fashionable. These should be long enough that they cover your ankles, but not so your legs are drowning in them.

The color means that you will retain that smart look, and not look like you’ve just stepped out of a movie.

Court Shoes

It would be almost a crime to not wear something with ‘court’ in the name when your career is in law! These shoes enclose the toes, looking smart yet gorgeous at the same time. Court shoes come in a variety of colors and heel heights, meaning you can find a pair that reflects you, potentially adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. You don’t need the highest heels either. Instead, it would look far more professional to wear shoes you can comfortably and safely walk in for the duration of your working day.

Belted Dress

While you want to come across seriously, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a feminine flair. Again, it’s a good idea to pick colors that are neutral and toned down. Blacks, greys, and even navy blues are usually the typical colors that female law employees turn to. The belt gives it a cinched look, allowing you to retain some of your shape while still looking like you mean business.

Suitable Jewellery

Leave your large hoops and blingy jewelry at home. When at work it’s good to choose understated pieces that will complement your outfit, rather than detract from it. Small, simple chain necklaces, or pearls, can look sophisticated. Small earrings, especially classic plain studs, can also work very well. Bracelets shouldn’t be too large, or numerous, and especially not risk making noise by banging together. If you wear a watch, it is important it doesn’t make any noise, which can occur with digital or smartwatches, as this can cause irritation in the workplace.

You don’t have to throw fashion away to become a law employee. Instead, you can use fashion pieces to your advantage to create a respectable, serious wardrobe that will still make you feel like you look your best. Allow your clothing to empower you.

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