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Should I Contact a Car Accident Lawyer?

When you've just got into a car accident, the last thing you're thinking about is hiring a lawyer. Your first priorities are to make sure nobody is seriously hurt, ensure other drivers are safe, call your insurance, and record the damage that was done. But there are many good reasons why calling a lawyer should be added to the list.

 When You Need an Attorney

 If you, the passengers, or any of the pedestrians have been seriously injured, then you'll want to get in touch with a car accident lawyer. The reason why is simple. The situation will get more complex since medical reimbursement will probably get involved.

 In messy accidents, the coverage on the average car insurance policy will not be enough. This is especially the case if you're dealing with multiple passengers in one or more vehicles. As a result, either you may have to move forward with a lawsuit or hire a lawyer to defend yourself if you think you may be blamed for the accident.

 The Insurance Company is Denying Payment

 Another reason for contacting an injury attorney is if your insurance is trying not to give you the coverage you deserve. Your insurance company may try to refuse to pay the claim by citing various legal reasons. When this happens, most people think that there's nothing much they can do.

 In reality, you need a good lawyer that understands the laws regarding auto insurance policies and accidents. Your lawyer will investigate the matter to see if there's actually a strong reason why the insurer will not provide you with the coverage you signed up for. It may be possible that the insurer simply doesn't want to pay the claim.

 If you suspect that your insurance company is stiffing you or offering you an offer far less than you should be getting, you need a lawyer on your side. A lawyer can work with the company and negotiate to get what you are owed. Insurance companies know that going to court will cost them more in the long run, so a good lawyer can convince them to pay the claims.

 How the Accident Happened is Being Argued

 Another issue you may have to face is a "he said, she said" argument about the accident. The other party or parties may be blaming the accident on you. If you don't defend yourself, you'll be the one having to see your insurance skyrocket. In some cases, the people involved may move forward with some kind of personal injury lawsuit.

 To defend yourself and ensure that the people who caused the accident are brought to justice, you need a lawyer. You want to gather as much evidence as you possibly can and work with the lawyer to fight an accusation. You can also get help pursuing a case if you feel that you were the victim.

 It gets really heated and emotional when there has been a serious injury or even a fatality due to the accident. Also, car accidents can get really complex. In some cases, you may be dealing with things like road conditions or situations where multiple drivers are at fault. You want a lawyer to ensure that you take less of the responsibility for the accident in these scenarios.

 How Soon Should You Find a Car Accident Lawyer

 It may not be on the top of your mind to contact a lawyer after an accident. However, you want to call a lawyer right away. It may even be smarter to contact a lawyer before you even speak to your insurance company. You have to remember that the insurance companies want to pay the smallest settlement claim possible.

 Even if there hasn't been a serious injury, you have to think about every possibility. You may have to deal with PTSD, injuries with late onsets, conflicts with your employment, and other things that can weigh in on you after the accident. A good lawyer will factor these things when fighting for your claim.

 The bottom line is that it's wise to hire a lawyer unless the accident was a minor fender bender where nobody got hurt or there wasn't any serious damage to vehicles or property.

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