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Shares You Should Consider Buying in 2019

Shares You Should Consider Buying in 2019

The stocks market is one of the exciting markets to invest in when you want a long-term investment that can yield great results. Unlike other financial markets, this market is quite stable all around the world. The stocks market has been looking promising in the last couple of years. Apart from the uncertainty caused by various political changes in the USA and across the world, the stock market is still one of the best to invest in. Let us look at some of the best shares you should buy in 2019.


Amazon presents one of the best companies that you can invest in. The Amazon stocks are good shares to buy in 2019 at a time when the company is already the second-largest in terms of valuation. Amazon has been rising quickly in recent years and it has made investors some great profits. The company has averaged 20% growth across its various segments in recent years. This company is not slowing down any time soon too. The company has been diversifying its portfolio over the years. It has managed to move from the ordinary bookstore to a supplier of tech, books, and electronic products to consumers all around the world. Amazon is now also in the entertainment realm and greater things can only be expected as the company braces for technologies like AI continue to grow.


The European market also has some exciting stocks to offer. Kering is a particularly good choice for those looking to venture into the market. The company has many different brands under its name including Veneta, Gucci and Yvette Saint Laurent. The company is one of the oldest around as it has been in the market for more than a century. What makes this company interesting is its growth trajectory especially in recent years. Kering has undergone some important changes. The company now pays dividends to investors who want to get involved with it. Such a proposition is fantastic for first-time and even experienced investors.

Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway has been a great investment option for a couple of years now. This American has been doing great under its owner Warren Buffet. The company presents a great investment option because it not only benefits from the great investment strategies of Buffet, but it also has a great footprint in the market already. From a technical point of view, the company has enjoyed great prospects too. Technical analysts have been coming with some great trends about the company. Considering the trust that the owner, the analysts and the general market has on this company, it is a great option for 2019.


Another great option to consider is Experian. This company is one of those that know exactly what their clients want. From a technical point of view, the stocks for the company are performing excellently. The company has enjoyed great support for the past four years and the trend is not about to stop. Taking a closer look, it is easy to see why this particular company is an investment option. Not only is it one of those that have great potential, but it is also not very much exposed to the outside world apart from the UK. The economy is also improving in the USA and this can translate into a great investment story for those who go for Experian stocks.

How to participate in the market

When it comes to investing in the stock market, the key thing you should focus on is the time that you intend to spend to stay in the market. As stated before, the stock market is all about making long-term investments that count. Most investors venture into this market because they either want to retire from their active jobs or they want to enjoy the dividends that come with investing. Whatever your goal is, the best way to participate in the market is by learning its dynamics. You should know exactly how certain stocks perform in the market as well as the time you intend to invest.


In summary, the stocks market has many options available for investors in 2019. The market has seen indices like the Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded more than 180% total returns over time. The above-listed stocks are some of those that the market data shows to be on an upward trend. Considering the great margins that companies like Amazon have heard ever since they hit the market, it is not out of order to expect that the market will be more exciting for such stocks in the near future.

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