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Selecting a Criminal Defense Lawyer: 5 Things to Consider

There are a number of things to consider when selecting a criminal defense lawyer. In fact, your entire future could be at stake. Hiring the wrong legal counselor to guide you through the murky waters of the legal system can be a tragic yet common mistake. When facing a cunning prosecutor and gullible jury that could send you away for a long time, you need feel complete confidence in both your case and your lawyer. Therefore, making a checklist of all the things to look for in a lawyer is paramount. You need to do everything in your power to increase your chances of walking free, not to mention the financial end of the spectrum. Here are 5 things to consider when selecting a criminal defense lawyer.

  1. Experience. Experience is crucial, because a newbie lawyer might sound confident on the phone and in his or her office, but when it comes time to defending you on the courtroom floor, the bubble often bursts. So, make sure to not only research where each lawyer went to law school, but also the number of court cases won and lost.
  2. Accessibility. If you are being interrogated for a crime, how fast can your lawyer be by your side in case of an emergency? How fast can you get your legal counsel on the phone? Being able to contact your criminal defense lawyer is incredibly important, especially if you are being accused or charged with a serious crime. What you say and do will really be used against you in the court of law – the last thing you want is to not be able to get your lawyer on the phone and jeopardize your chances of being served justly.
  3. Reputation. Reputation is incredibly important. What if your lawyer has a history of being volatile on the courtroom floor? What if he or she has a history of intimidating or threatening prosecution witnesses? All of these things can affect your chances of getting a fair trial. When you search “criminal justice online” to look for criminal defense attorneys, you also want to find reviews from people who they have represented. If there are a lot of negative reviews, you should probably think about considering another lawyer.
  4. Specialized. Is the criminal lawyer you are considering specialized in the crime for which you are being charged? Some lawyers only specialize in one type of criminal case, but it might not be the one you are being accused of. For instance, some lawyers exclusively represent clients in domestic violence or theft. You might also want to go back through the lawyer’s history to make sure there is a hefty resume that demonstrates both experience and success in your particular type of case.
  5. History of winning cases. Another critical factor to consider is how many cases the criminal defense lawyer has won. You don’t want a lawyer who has lost too many cases, because there is a high probability he or she will lose yours too. So, make sure the lawyer you choose has more wins than losses before you draw up the paperwork.

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