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Scooters Are Fun, But Be Prepared In Case Of An Injury

Scooter frenzy with investors

In 2019, the startup world has seen the growth and expansion of scooters rise to the tune of billions, literally.  Scooter brands, Lime, Spin and Bird have all boasted of multi million dollar valuations. In fact, Lime raised a round from startup giants Uber and Alphabet placing their value at $1.1 billion (as reported by CNBC).  These companies are simply taking an age old scooter and improving on the experience, look & feel, and overall vibe of having scooters. Major metropolitan cities across the United States have adopted the burgeoning trend with more and more cities to follow.  

It certainly is a buzzy pop culture lifestyle experience, but it also contributes to a lower carbon footprint while promoting a more active lifestyle to combat the sedentary "sitting is the new smoking" way of life many Americans are experiencing.  The millennial demographic is clearly the front running consumer target audience with an instant affinity for the new trend. With these growth numbers and more and more people sharing stories on social media, it's clear why investors are hot on the scooter trail. The projections and current wave of big investors speak to the trajectory of how the marketplace should be accepting scooters at an increasingly rapid rate.

Are accidents the only concern with scooters?

Naturally, when we think of scooters, it is hard to deny the conversation of accidents happening.  Some of these questions come to mind when I think about whether or not I want to purchase an actual electric powered scooter.

  • Are these new scooters safe?
  • Are the current helmets more sufficient and applicable?
  • How much do the protective gears cost?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Are the scooters from Lime, Spin, and Bird designed for recreation or only travel?
  • Are the chargers expensive?
  • What about potential theft?

These and many more concerns can be a wrinkle in the reputation of scooters that these companies may need to pay attention to.  Not only is the actual hardware and quality in question, but the normal concern for safety will always be a show stopper.

So what DO, we do if we get into an accident?

  • Can I sue?
  • Should I sue?
  • How do I use the company?
  • Or do I use the manufacturers?

These types of questions will lead you down a path of more uncertainties.  The most logical scenario is to get in touch with a Personal Injury law firm in your nearest location.  Since this clearly falls into the realm of personal injury, they would be the best to contact.

Because the scooter movement is a growing cultural trend, there bounds to be more and more accidents and consumers looking for help on how to pursue action.

I do not assume all claims will be legitimate, however, it is your best best to consult with experience personal injury attorneys.

Personal Injury law firms ready to take action

These 4 attorneys are in different regions of the continental United States that can serve as your initial points of contact in the event you or a loved one gets into a scooter accident.

  1. Personal Injury Attorney Jackson MS / Mississippi
  2. Nashville Personal Injury Attorney
  3. Personal Injury Attorney McAllen TX
  4. San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney

These 4 particular law firms have an extensive amount of legal experience with backgrounds in consumer specific matters.  The new landscape of scooters and potential hazards are topics they can confidently speak to, or, at the very least, listen to your concerns, take down information and guide you accordingly.

I can't stress it enough, having direct contact with an experienced law group or attorney is one of the best resources anyone can have.  Hence, I leave you with my top 4 picks.

The appeal of a motorized scooter

As I mentioned before, the healthy and active lifestyle is a great incentive to use scooters, not to mention a less polluted environment.  But the appeal can actually be more than that.

  • Economical - cheaper than owning a car
  • Aesthetic - scooters are the "in" thing so most millenials will associate it with "cool"
  • Functional - integration with applications or mobile devices
  • Freedom - very flexible to ride
  • Social - group scooter rides

When the marketing minds for these companies create campaigns to highlight the benefits and features of scooters, more perks will obviously be apparent.  These are all good things, but it's important to understand the context in which these very cool rides are placed within our current culture.

Take charge of your safety

At the end of the day, you will be the ultimate party responsible for your safety.  If you properly protect yourself with adequate gear, you should be fine, unless the accident is a very bad one.  But also, as a responsible consumer, be sure to inspect the scooter thoroughly and be mindful of any electrical shortages or mishaps.  It's through defective gear that you can come out on top of a specific lawsuit. Accidents caused by defect can be a very legitimate claim.  

Just make sure you keep your communication lines open.  Call the company when you suspect something, get in touch with your legal counsel when you have questions, and most of all, do your own research.  Google and Youtube are always great places to start spend time at, especially if it is your safety we're talking about.

Enjoy the scooter, but always have yourself legally covered, just in case.

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