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Rear End Collisions- What Can Be Done After That and Tips to Prevent These

Rear end crashes are one of the extremely common types of car accidents worldwide. It takes place when 2 or more number of cars bump into each other. The gravity of these clashes depends upon the speed level. More than one and a half million cases of rear end collisions take place, every year. According to a survey, these crashes cause more than thirty thousand deaths and serious injuries to many more, annually. There can be various reasons behind the rear end accidents, like bad weather conditions, using phones or getting distracted while driving, etc. If you have a car attorney, it can relieve you of some its aftermath costs.

List of Things to Do If You Are Rear-Ended

If you are a part of rear-ended crash, it is natural to get stressed out but take a long breath and try remaining calm and patient. Here is what to do if you are rear-ended:

Look out for injuries – It is undoubtedly the first and the foremost thing that you should do. You should check if you or any passengers have been injured or not. It is very crucial as even in minor collisions, there are chances of occurrence of whiplash or soft tissue injuries. See if any passenger is hurt in the other vehicle as well. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, ask for medical help.

Report the accident to the police – It is very important to call and report the entire incident of rear end collision to the police. These are the people who can issue a written document that is the accident report. It consists of all the information (when, where, what and how) about the incident. If another driver is faulty then the legal report can approve your claim of insurance for your vehicle damages. This can help you substantiate medical claim and other claims as well. So do ensure that you have the report’s copy.

Document the accident’s scene – The most accurate method of documenting the incident’s scene is recording videos and taking pictures. Also describe it in written, like what was the situation when the other driver bumped into you. You should also try to get information of witnesses present in the area.

Share the gathered information with another driver – You should stay calm and this is where it will help you. It will be easier and more comfortable for you to exchange information, when you are not angry at the other person. You should ensure that you get some basic information like driver’s name, their contact number, license number and address, car’s number plate, vehicle’s owner and information of the insurance.

Get in contact with insurance company – You must contact your insurance company after the accident, it becomes even more important when somebody gets injured. You should notify them and present them with the carrier of your vehicle, police report, photos, videos, written description, etc.

How Can You Avoid Rear End Collisions?

The most effective way of avoiding such crashes is maintaining space cushion around your car. Avoid distractions when driving. Don’t stop your car very close to the other car. Don’t drive at a very high speed. Slow down when approaching stop signs, so that you don’t have to pull brakes all of a sudden.

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