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Need of Criminal Lawyers with increasing crime rate

The world we are living in today bears individuals who are no longer contributing to the peace and stability of society. The government of the state develops a system of rules as laws to regulate the norms of the society. So the public is obliged to adhere to these rules. The legal system of a state is supported by lawyers who tend to create a link between the system and society. This is important as the legal system greatly affects every aspect of our routine activity. 

Lawyers or attorneys serve to advocate and counsel our society. They serve as advocates, by presenting evidence in support of their client, criminal or civil, they are representing. Also, they serve as counselors by providing information about the legal rights of their clients. Lawyers tend to ease their clients in every possible way by helping them in various circumstances they are facing. On these bases, the layer makes legal decisions in the light of the judiciary as they must serve their clients by adhering to the code of ethics. 

Criminal law

The act of unfavorable offense is a crime. So, an individual who commits a “crime” is a criminal. Criminals laws are the rules that are developed to serve the purpose of punishing the individuals who commit crimes. These laws make the criminals pay for their acts of offense and stimulate human interactions. Based on the natures and severity of crime there are three kinds of criminal laws that are mentioned below 

Felony offenses: These are severe criminal offenses and the punishments include death or a long time in prison.

Misdemeanor offenses: These are less serious criminal offenses than felony offenses. The punishments include fines and imprisonment for a short period.

Infraction offenses: These are minor offenses that are not technically crimes like traffic violations. They are usually charged with a fine.

Criminal lawyers

Criminal defense lawyers are also called public defenders to defend individuals and organizations who are charged with a criminal allegation. These criminal attorneys have high knowledge of government laws and court policies. Criminal lawyers have expertise in a variety of criminal cases including domestic violence crimes, sex crimes, crimes related to drugs or assault, DUI, forgery, burglar. So, it is clear that criminal lawyers are carrying a lot of workloads.

Impacts of criminal allegation and role of criminal lawyers

Criminal allegations greatly affect the future of the individual accused of it. These charges completely alter a person’s life because the individual results in facing different social and mental problems that include loss of employment and professional license, and high anxiety, depression, and anxiety. That person may confront the situations where they are taken under government supervision. Such individuals require great criminal lawyers who have complete knowledge of government laws and policies to defend them. These attorneys can be contacted through online platforms. Orange Country Criminal Lawyers also tend to defend individuals with criminal allegations and provides free consultations and great customer services. 

Criminal lawyers commit to work hard and secure the future and rights of their clients. These lawyers understand the nature and severity of the criminal allegation. They try their level best to remove or lessen the severity of charges by fighting against them. To dismiss the charges of accusation the criminal lawyer looks for the evidence and circumstantial facts.

This requires them to have the knowledge and experience of defending criminal charges. A criminal lawyer needs to use his brain efficiency and good lawyering to prove the stance and navigates the system in a way that clears a client’s name. Also, According to the BLS, over the recent years, the growth in jobs for lawyers is 8% compared to 7% growth for all other jobs.

General procedures  

Criminal defense attorneys represent the person facing criminal charges in state and strive hard to dismiss the charges against the defendant. Depending upon the nature of charges their struggles and work include bail bond hearings, probation hearings, appeals, plea bargains, trials. They also aim to practice for the post-conviction remedies. A criminal lawyer follows the following processing to serve the purpose of defending the criminals:

  • Deeply study the case and investigate the witnesses
  • Examine criminal case law, codes, and procedures
  • Build a defense and formulate a case strategy
  • Find evidence and prepare to argue in court for the client
  • Settle with the prosecution to dismiss or suppress charges
  • Advocate for the defendant at trial
  • File and argue appeals for the client


Maximum criminal lawyers work in private practice or a separate firm. Some of the criminal attorneys work for non-profit firms and some work for the government as public defenders. Criminal lawyers often work for a long time and extra hours, and the timings sometimes are irregular. It is for preparing and examining documents, and performing research. They arrange meetings with the client for taking information related to the case. Sometimes they meet outside their office i.e at the courthouse, hospitals, prisons, and other places. Most criminal lawyers practice for the local public. However, criminal attorneys who have national practice often travel for the case.

Criminal cases

Criminal lawyers confront a huge number of criminal cases. It is very obvious as the crime rate is increasing with every passing hour. These crimes are classed based on the severity of the act. Some of the most common cases that criminal lawyers encounter on daily basis are discussed below:

Property cases: These cases usually involve no casualties but the case may become a little serious if it includes physical or mental harm. These cases are not much of a big deal for experienced lawyers. These include crimes like arson, vehicle theft, and burglary, etc.

Drug abuse cases: These cases revolve around the violations and use of substances that are forbidden by the law. These cases don’t involve violence or any physical harm.

Alcohol-related cases: These criminal cases revolve around the individuals consuming alcohol. The crime may vary between driving under the influence (DUI), drunkenness, or destruction of another's property under influence. They are charged for violating the laws that prohibit supplying, making, or buying alcohol.

Violent crime cases: These criminal cases revolve around violent crimes with physical harm. Unfortunately, criminal defense lawyers are most familiar with these criminal cases, These include rape, robbery, or more violent crimes like manslaughter and murder. For criminal lawyers, these cases are very difficult to deal with.

Disorderly conduct cases: These are the criminal cases in which the charge is against the individual who has caused some kind of public disturbance. And depending on the state, the nature of disorderly conduct greatly varies. Such crimes if not involve any violence are not that difficult to deal with. 

Fraud cases: Fraud cases are those that encompass the crimes in which the individual or the organization has deliberately misled the other party. These crimes can be identity theft and lottery scam. 

Need of criminal lawyers

Criminal lawyers are highly required if anyone is charged with some criminal allegations. So, the following are the reasons that state that having an experienced criminal lawyer is a wise choice.

Save yourself time and anxiety

The knowledge of criminal law is very important as sometimes complex issues emerge and that results in putting a simple individual in distress. The criminal lawyer who has great knowledge of criminal law and experience is there to serve in such circumstances. They tend to save time and remove stress and anxiety.

Reduce your risk exposure

It is really important to have a criminal lawyer by your side because it reduces the chance of being at risk. It may cost you but it saves you from many coming risks you are not aware of that includes being falsely charged, being found guilty, or being sent to prison if you are innocent and other issues for employment due to any criminal record. 

An experienced criminal lawyer can reduce your exposure to these types of problems. Taking a piece of legal advice from someone with great criminal law experience will make you realize the difference your criminal lawyer can make to your charge.

Perform all processes properly

The criminal lawyers tell you that you don’t have to worry much about being charged with an allegation. The lawyers aim to protect all your rights. They use their knowledge of criminal law and court policies and follow the processes required to help you at most.


So, in a nutshell, Criminal lawyers whether they are public defenders offered by the government or they work privately are of great significance because they tend to support their defendants in the limits of the law. As crime rates continue to increase with every coming day and criminal laws alter, it is observed that the number of people sentenced to prison has increased exponentially over the recent 30 years. The number of criminals has increased a lot and prison populations are progressing daily across the globe. So, the need for criminal lawyers has increased considerably to fight for the charges against the accused ones. 

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