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Navigating the Process of Filing a Car Insurance Claim

In 2020, 35,766 people died from car accidents in the United States. In addition, thousands of others incurred non-life-threatening injuries from collisions. 

You risk getting in a car accident anytime you get inside a car. But did you already encounter a collision? If so, you might be dealing with settling the accident.

Filing a car insurance claim is the most common method for settling an accident. But the process can leave you with questions.

Keep reading this guide to learn how to file a car accident claim.

Understand the Timeframe

Most insurance companies have timeframe rules that policyholders must follow. For example, most insurance companies require reporting a car accident within a few days or so.

To avoid problems with this, report the accident as soon as possible. 

There is also a timeframe to follow if you file a car accident lawsuit. Every state has statutes of limitations. These limit the time you can file a lawsuit after a car accident.

Consider the Damage

You'll need to answer a few questions before filing a claim. First, who caused the accident? If the other party caused it, you have nothing to lose by filing a claim.

If you caused it, does your auto insurance plan cover it? If so, is filing a claim financially feasible? When you experience minor damage, filing a claim might not make sense. 

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Filing a car insurance claim after a car crash starts by contacting your insurance agent. Your agent will ask questions about the collision and file a report.

They'll ask about the parties involved in the accident. Also, they'll need to know where and when the accident occurred. The agent also asks for a copy of the police report. 

Thus, the agent files the claim for you. But, filing the claim is only the beginning. Next comes the possibility of litigation. 

Track Your Damages

Your insurance agent negotiates with the other party's insurance agent to reach a fair amount. But you can assist with this by tracking your damages.

For example, get several quotes for the car repairs you need. Additionally, track your medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma. Then, you can ask for compensation to cover these things. 

Call an Accident Attorney

Within a few weeks, you'll receive an insurance settlement offer from your agent. But call a car accident attorney if you're entitled to more. Car accident attorneys specialize in helping victims settle their cases. 

Look for the best lawyer and avoid common mistakes when hiring an accident lawyer.

A lawyer negotiates for you. Your attorney also researches the case and gathers the evidence. As a result, car accident victims collect higher settlements when using attorney services.

File a Car Insurance Claim for Compensation

When someone else causes an accident, you should file a car insurance claim. But you should also hire a car accident lawyer. You'll receive the correct compensation if you follow through with both steps.

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