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L&I Claim: How To Make The Most Out Of It?

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In this day of uncertainty, insurance has become a must. It can even be said from the recent pandemic outbreak.

L&I claims to be an insurance policy that covers the workers who are injured while performing on their workplace. It is mandatory for the employer to compensate for these expenses.

This is crucial because, since it is an insurance policy, workers are the one who pays a monthly or an early premium for their coverage if injured on the job.

With this being said, how can one make the most of it? Here are some reasons.

●     You Paid for it, It Is Your Right

Whenever injured or hurt on the job, then it is your right to speak up and claim your L&I without any hesitation right away, because you paid for it. If you don’t speak up, then chances are that your insurers might do very little to help you and your case might even be ignored by your employers. Earlier the claim reported the better.

●     Doctors Matter

Some doctors, especially the employers chosen doctors, might probably send you back to work in a short period of time and state that there are no major injuries, burying your claim. On the other hand, your personal doctors can report a serious problem for the same injury, which will bring in good compensation for the worker that employers must pay.

●     Tell Everything

To get a full and deserved compensation of L&I, tell your employers and even the doctors all the pain you are facing without hesitation. If you only highlight the most painful injury, ignoring other minor injuries, then chances are you might not avail the lucrative L&I benefit.

●     Lawyer’s Advice

If you are too late to speak up for your claim or hesitant and concerned, then lawyers are an appropriate choice. They are able to tackle situations which are going against your favor in order to maximize your interest and even provide free consultation on more l&i benefits and what you can do.


It is necessary to be honest and open about everything, including the minor injuries, in order for your insurers, employers, doctors and even lawyers to understand your condition. But do not overly exaggerate. It is not wise to go around, posting your injuries on social media, showing off. That can possibly distort your claim. Only speak in detail what is required.

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