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Keeping up with new developments, and refreshing underused knowledge can be a tough challenge when you are trying to balance a busy schedule and a hectic home life. CPD can seem like a chore. It’s easy to forget that it’s there to benefit you, and your career. Whether it’s furthering your position in your current employment, or helping to make you more desirable to future employers, it is a worthwhile investment of your time. By keeping your practise up to date, you are ensuring the best for your clients, as well as your company. 

With LexisNexis, you need never worry about falling behind with legislation updates. LexisNexis offers a range of services that will provide you with the support you need, making learning quick, easy and convenient. They are able to tailor your support package to suit your individual needs through good, old fashioned listening. 

Vodcasts are fresh, innovative way to deliver training sessions. Vodcasts are short videos that feature professionals talking about a range of current updates. They can be viewed from your computer, or a range of other mobile devices, and last from 25 minutes to an hour – perfect to squeeze into a lunch break, or in between clients. Just viewing these can earn you CPD points. The best part about Vodcasts are that the more you buy, the cheaper they become. 

LexisNexis realises that we all wish to access our updates in different ways; they offer a large selection of newsletters which, like Vodcasts, are designed to keep you up to date in the most efficient manner. Their authors and editors (who generally have legal backgrounds) produce short, informative, current texts that are practical. The producers work hard to make sure that in regards to research, you don’t have to. With up to ten issues a year that are available either in hardcopy or online, there is no reason to ever miss out on legislative changes. 

The Knowledge Network is yet another fantastic tool designed to keep you in the loop. All of the resources are time saving, ensuring that your research is efficient. Apart from the podcasts, videos, practice area page, and the expert tips that are available, the Knowledge Network provides access to the excellent public Webnairs. 

The public Webnairs are highly convenient, and can easily be customised. They require you log in to a session at a time that has been chosen by use. They are available to either individuals or groups, and make the most of your computer and your phone. These Webnairs cover a vast array of topics, from making the most of LexisNexis, to the Australian Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents. They have proven to be an extremely popular option. 

Finally, with LexisNexis, you have access to CaseBase which offers a wealth of information on current cases, their history, and on unreported cases. With all of this at your fingertips, there really is no excuse for not being up to date!

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