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Legal Marketing and Social Media

While many choose to resist the vortex of social media, its benefits cannot be overstated. Oftentimes I have my worries about the younger generations and being born into a world in which social media is everywhere. The benefits social media offers to businesses and legal firms cannot be stressed enough. Using it as a attorney marketing platform, your business as a whole, or to get your own name and brand “out there” is only a small part of social media. You can get in touch with industry professionals and other experts in the field, and “personalize” your business through your own online voice. Other benefits include offering exclusive promotions or target specific locations. Here’s how:

Integration within the Industry

Linking up with experienced business professionals over social media can only bring you benefits. Listen to what they say, study what online tactics help these businesses succeed. You’d be surprised with what you can learn by simply business-watching online.

Communicate directly with other firms in the industry as well. For example you can chat about big news court cases, new laws passed, or other relevant news. Bouncing ideas off others who are more experienced in a certain field can yield obvious benefits. Perhaps you can help them in your respective field as well. Build up a positive rapport with these other firms to gain their trust, improve your own firm’s credibility, and socialize in the legal world.

You can also feed off other business’ efforts. A business that is well-integrated into the realm of social networking will engage in discussion with clients and even other businesses. Study what these firms say and who they communicate with. If your firm can capitalize on a niche that other legal firms cannot fill, you’ve got an inlet to a broader clientele base right there.

Building your Business through your Online Voice

People love humor. People also love engaging in intelligent conversation online. If you can do both, you will attract a ton of people and build your following on social media. Obviously good business practice states that you should refrain from foul language and mindless banter with “trolls” and online hecklers. If you can do this and still find the time to answer legitimate followers’ questions, you can really add a personal touch to your online voice. Stay out of polarizing political views, moral/religious interaction, and other controversial debates – leave that to the political pundits who get paid to do so. Just worry about your business, helping others, and work on building your own name on the social media platform. Even a little of this can go a very long way.

Noah Kovacs has over ten years experience in the legal field. He has since retired early and enjoys blogging about small business law, legal marketing, and everything in between. He recently purchased his first cabin and spends his free time remodeling its kitchen for his family. Twitter: @NoahKovacs

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