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Laws for Foreign Nationals Seeking US Employment

Foreign nationals, who are willing to work in the United States, can do so through several different ways. The law of the United States grants various opportunities for foreign nationals to find employment within the country. It can always be a rewarding experience to find work and live in a foreign country, and the least a foreign national can do is to ensure that they are abiding by the law. Here we have several lawful methods through which a foreign citizen can get employment within the United States.

Work Visa

Foreign nationals who are neither American citizens nor lawful permanent residents of United States need a permit and a work visa to work in the country. In order to work lawfully in the country these foreign nationals would have to get an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) that gives these workers the right to work. Foreign nationals looking to find work in the United States can find numerous kinds of work visas including seasonal work visas, exchange work visas and temporary work visas.

Before you come to the USA to find employment for yourself, you are required to obtain a valid visa from the US Consulate or Embassy in your own country or any country nearest to yours.

Getting a Green Card

Foreign nationals working in the US would soon start looking for a permanent US residency or a green card. Workers seeking permanent residency and work exposure in the US will be required to opt for the green card, which is also known as the United States Lawful Permanent Residency. The card authorizes individuals who have garnered sufficient levels of trust to work and live in the United States without a hassle. However, there are certain criteria that should be fulfilled before allotting a green card to a foreign national worker. The number one priority for the U.S. Department of Labor to validate before giving out the certification is that whether there are enough US workers who are able to, are qualified to and are willing to work in the geographic location the foreign national is currently in. This research is done to ensure that no US nationals are displaced or made unemployed by any foreign workers.

Temporary Work Visas

Temporary work visas in the US are available for foreign nationals hailing from a non-agricultural background to work in the country. The issuance of temporary work visas also depends on the fact that the domestic laborers to fill the position are currently insufficient. Temporary work visas are given to two types of individuals. Both skilled and unskilled workers not hailing from an agricultural background can benefit from the visas. There is currently a cap on the number of visas given on a temporary basis to unskilled and skilled workers. Only 65,000 skilled and 66,000 unskilled workers can make it to the country through a temporary work visa. Once in the United States, you can get help from the best law firm when it comes to legally resolving employee disputes and getting information regarding your current status.

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