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How do the adverts go? Had an accident or been injured and it wasn't your fault? Then contact us for help and advice. Injury or compensation companies are now recognised as much as a real estate lawyer. The increase in people claiming for accidents and injuries has increased greatly, and as well as independent advisors, normal law firms will also have someone who can help in most cases.

Online there a hundreds of names of companies that can help, but bear in mind that you still need to do your homework before you contact one. Don't pick the first name that you look at, and just because a TV Ad looks good it doesn't necessarily mean that they will be the best people to deal with. Research and references are key to finding a good practitioner of this kind of law.

Don't forget to keep hold of any paperwork, doctor’s records, aftercare details, police records of the incident if applicable, and any other information that may be relevant to the case. Such as e-mails, and phone calls. If it is a phone call, make a note of the date and time of the call and the callers' name and company they represent.

If you are claiming compensation of any kind, it is important that you do not hand over any documents or medical records or statements to the opposing side before you have received advice yourself. It could end up backfiring on you as the oppositions lawyers could turn events leading up to and during the injury/accident to their advantage which may make it harder for you to win your claim As dealing with another parties insurance company can be confusing and you may settle for an amount that is a lot lower than you could actually receive. An injury lawyer could help you get money for loss of earnings if you've been unable to work, travel expenses if you have had regular trips to the hospital or to physiotherapy unit after, and also for any mental stress that may have occurred.

There is a time limit on making a claim and trying to handle all of this yourself may not only cause you to miss out on a decent payout, but you might have difficulty understanding what is written in letters and documents from the other side, and also miss important deadlines along the way. 

Claiming isn't quick but if it's done right it can be worth the wait.

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