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Law Career – What Makes Estate Litigation an Interesting Practice

For most people, the law overall is boring. But, for some attorneys, estate litigation is one thing they can’t stand or see themselves doing.

However, given that estate litigation attorneys are still a thing, we can assume that the practice is interesting enough for people to want to become this type of attorney.

If you’re a law student or plan to go to law school and want to find out more about the different types of law that you can practice, here’s what you should expect from estate litigation!

The Basics of Estate Litigation

In broad terms, estate litigation deals with the legal proceedings – and potential disputes – during the management of the assets of an individual who passed away. The process of estate litigation usually involves a will and can either be valid, void or contested.

Furthermore, estate litigation can also deal with the assets of a person before they die. In this case, the estate litigation attorney is responsible for solving any challenges that interfere with those assets.

The Interesting Bits of Estate Litigation

  • A sneak-peek into personal lives – Even though you may not get to share your experiences, it is certainly interesting to get to know, in detail, the lives of the people with such significant assets that all of their relatives fight over. Depending on your nature and personality, you could see this as an opportunity to study human behavior further.
  • Working with will-makers and their close relatives – If you help someone draft their will, you will also get to understand why they split their estate in that way. Moreover, every estate litigation case that you work on will help you deal with future cases, disputes, invalid wills, and so on. You don’t get to do the same work twice.
  • You’re not stuck in your office – As an estate litigation attorney, you’ll spend most of the time on the estate that you have to manage and help split/distribute. While other law areas have attorneys locked in their offices or the archive room, you have the chance to see the main thing that your case revolves around (houses, companies, assets, and so on).
  • Family drama – An example is Billy Tipton, a jazz musician, who was, in reality, a woman disguised as a man, married another woman, and adopted three sons. After the death of Billy’s wife, a total of 35 relatives end up fighting for her estate in court – the three sons, a mysterious child of Billy, and 30 distant relatives. Naturally, there are stories crazier than this when it comes to estate litigation.

The Bottom Line

Nothing is entirely boring in this life. One may experience a couple of boring estate litigation cases, but they will most likely be involved in that one case that will make for some incredible stories in the years to come.

Finally, an estate litigation case involving famous people could also turn into a career boost for the attorney working on it, depending on the media coverage.

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