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Is it Worth Hiring a Criminal Lawyer?

You've just been charged with a serious crime. It could be assault, domestic violence, harassment or discrimination. You find yourself facing prison or long-term consequences that will completely change and ruin your life. The worst part of it all is that you might be innocent of it.

There is nothing worse than being charged with a crime that you haven't committed. That's why when people ask the question, is "is hiring a criminal lawyer worth it?", then the answer is always a resounding "yes".

Here's why that's the case.

Your Life Is Literally On The Line

There are no bones about it: when charged with a criminal act, your life's on the line. You could face years in prison, destroying your livelihood, career and relationships. In one split second, you could find yourself holed up in a prison cell without a chance to see the outside for years, despite appeals.

When it comes to losing it all, wouldn't you want to have the opportunity to save yourself? That's the key argument to hiring a criminal defence lawyer: you'll have a fighting chance to protect yourself and ensure that you don't suffer years of pain because of false accusations, insufficient evidence or mishandled cases.

Will Get The Best Result For Your Case

Even if you find yourself that the case is against you, you'll be amazed to see how your lawyer can get you out of it. Criminal defence lawyers have the tenacity to present convincing arguments to judges and juries that will minimize charges or get you off completely.

Whether it's by lessening your charge through a plea bargain, alternative sentencing (such as house arrest, community service, work furlough programs, and rehabilitation programs) or minimizing charges, it can be the difference between you winning the case or spending years in jail.

Master Of Pre-trial Motions and Settlements

You might be able to get out of your charge without stepping foot into court. Such is the effectiveness of some high-profiled and industry-leading criminal lawyers ( that they can handle your case through pre-trial motions and settlements.

Your criminal lawyer can bargain a lighter settlement in exchange for a guilty plea or find a way to navigate a settlement where you pay your discretions rather than going to court. A trial in the courtroom can last months, racking up more fees along the way, with no guarantees of success.

They'll Guard You Against The Law

Navigating law by yourself can be long, endless, and if you're inexperienced, a dangerous minefield. It can lead you to deal with a lot of stress, confusion and pain. That's why a criminal lawyer handles the work for you.

Significantly, it's "who" the lawyer knows that can help you. A criminal defence lawyer works closely with judges, prosecutors, and legal clerks and can foster relationships that work to your advantage. This added element can help you with your case's defence.

Your criminal lawyer will also protect you against unfair trials, erroneous filings, and other prosecution tricks that can lead you to jail. They know the ins-and-outs of prosecutors and will know how to handle them if they cause you problems. They'll comb through evidence by following necessary procedures to ensure that it all valid in court and not a deficient filing or representation. If the case goes to trial, this evidence can be thrown out if there are any holes or contradictions.

Having a criminal defence lawyer helps you avoid getting trapped in legal loopholes or self-incriminating tactics. Remember, these are experts with years of dedicated learning, practice, and knowledge in dealing with and handling the law.

You Got Nothing to Lose

There are no downsides to contacting a criminal lawyer and inquiring about your case. Most lawyers will happily have a free consultation with you to discuss your case, providing you with insight about how they'll approach the case, what they'll do and what it will cost you.

Just remember that when you've been charged, time is of the essence. It would help if you built your case immediately upon being served your papers, so act fast and begin searching for a criminal lawyer. Believe us; it's worth it.

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