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Investigative Careers - All You Need To Know

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Whether you are considering taking up an investigative career as a private investigator, investigative journalist, or working in forensics. It is important to ensure that you choose a job and career path that is suited to you. When you go ahead and invest your time, energy, and efforts in pursuing a career that is not the right fit, it doesn’t bring enjoyment, you may get discouraged and end up with low career satisfaction. However, when you enter a profession that is suited you can thrive and see yourself going from strength to strength and working for reputable companies such as Michiana Private Investigations.

When you visualize your future, what line of work do you see yourself in? What would fit with your mentality and ambitions? Do you have a drive and need to investigate to find the truth? Would working in investigations bring you job satisfaction?

What Is The Role Of A Private Investigator

The role of a private investigator is one that is extremely varied. From being self-employed and working for yourself, there is also the option of working as part of a detective agency, working within a law firm,  for a financial institute, or for an insurance company. With a variety of different jobs and requirements needed.


Use your skills to be able to discreetly observe an individual or people of interest. The purpose of this job is to build up information surrounding them.

Skip Tracing

Being able to use your investigative know-how and a variety of different methods to locate and trace a person.

Insurance Fraud Investigating

This job involves building up and obtaining evidence for legal reasons. You will need to monitor a person that has made false insurance claims and find evidence to back up this claim.

Relationship Investigating

Hired by a partner or spouse, your discreet investigative skills are needed to observe and their significant other as they have been suspected of being unfaithful.

Carrying Out Background Checks

An important part of the job is being hired to screen and complete background checks for clients on businesses or people they are looking to create a partnership with and carry out business with.

Asset Tracing

Using a variety of skills and technologies to locate and reveal physical or financial assets or items that have been hidden or lost.

Carrying Out Civil And Criminal Investigations

Being hired to support a court case by finding evidence.

The Skills Of An Investigator

To make it as an investigator you will need to have and be able to build on certain skills. You need to have the ability to successfully work a range of different devices and technologies needed to support your work. A key role for any investigator is being able to get about and observe and monitor people, this requires that you are able to drive.

To be able to carry out this role successfully you will need to be able to report your findings, this is especially important if hired to find evidence for any court cases. You need to navigate yourself around the different online services to carry out thorough research.

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