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The Complexities of Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare accidents can impact pedestrians, drivers, and passengers. How the law applies to each group can vary, and quickly become complex in an evolving legal context for the gig economy. Drivers Most states consider rideshare drivers independent contractors. But the movement to classify them as employees is gaining traction in states like California. California's state law, Assembly Bill 5,... ❯❯❯

4 Things to Consider When Hiring an Employment Lawyer

If you don’t have hands-on experience of working with an attorney, choosing one will be a very daunting task. With so many lawyers working in the law industry, settling for the best person is very challenging. Especially when you’re considering an employment lawyer, it becomes imperative to go the extra mile in looking for the most suitable person for this task. When you’re... ❯❯❯

Do You Need A Lawyer When You Get Bitten by A Dog?

Dogs are considered a man's friend; however, they can be dangerous if mishandled or if they are aggressive by nature. Laws are governing public safety and if dogs bite people, it's a clear violation. According to the Centre for Disease control 38% of households in the US have one or more dogs. As a citizen, you are protected by the constitution and sometimes local subsidiary laws depending on... ❯❯❯

Do You Need a Lawyer For Your Probation Violations?

There’s a lot of confusion that surrounds probation. Many people who are on probation sentences may not know exactly what they can/cannot do, or the consequences of violating guidelines set by the court. As a result, it isn’t unusual for people to find themselves facing a probation hearing. Everyone under probation should be aware that probations are actually a form of deferred... ❯❯❯

How can you stop foreclosure?

Foreclosure is generally due to the homeowner falling behind on their mortgage payments. However, foreclosure can also occur when you failed to pay your property taxes or someone is leveraging a mechanic's lien against your home. It could even be done by an HOA, if they filed a lien against your home for unpaid HOA dues. But how can you stop foreclosure? Let's look at a few options. Bankruptcy ... ❯❯❯

We Need to Pay Attention to Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a leading cause of vehicle accidents. None of us are focused, all the time when we drive, but some of us are far worse than others. We can be distracted by kids in the car, adjusting the air conditioning, using an app to get directions, or making videos of ourselves driving. Depending on your speed, how close other vehicles and objects are around you, it might only take a few... ❯❯❯

Why You Should Work with a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is crucial, especially if you’ve been involved in an accident. Experienced attorneys from Kruger & Hodges Attorneys at Law will assist you in getting compensation from an accident and handling the paperwork for you. Also, he or she will deal with the insurance firm so that you get what you deserve. Understanding the time you require to work... ❯❯❯

Six Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Car Accident Lawsuit

Road accidents are unpredictable and frightening. The aftermath of the accident also involves a lot of traumatizing and tiring sessions to both the innocent and guilty parties. During this time, you are dealing with insurance companies, lawsuits, and healing sessions. It is, therefore, advisable that you remain as careful as possible to avoid causing more trouble to the already existing... ❯❯❯

The Top 7 Common Reasons Couples Get A Divorce

Marriages are an exciting beginning for all couples. However, the journey down the line of marriage can sometimes get rocky, then cracks begin to form. When the cracks in a marriage cannot be mended, divorce is inevitable. The peculiarities in divorce cases vary. These peculiarities have resulted in inquisitions into what causes divorces. The most common reasons for divorces are examined... ❯❯❯

Law Firm Review Guide

Dealing with the good and bad of reviews as a law firm, or any business, can be tough but often rewarding. In the legal industry, reviews can be quite volatile. We at MileMark Media designed this quick guide to give our insight on the review process, contact our legal marketing experts any time for more information. Local Presence Your law firm’s online local presence depends how much time... ❯❯❯