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Immigration policies and how these will affect you when travelling between the UK and US

Apart from the mode of travel – which can itself be quite a difficult choice depending on the reason for your visit, there are quite a few points you must take into account. Most of the important ones relate to the differences in the laws of each country.

The UK has recently updated it Immigration policies and these will affect you as a holidaymaker too. The main changes are to people who wish to become resident in the UK permanently however some changes will affect family members of UK citizens (future and current), business people and interns.

Similarly the US has also over hauled its travellers, immigration and visitors policies. Both states are great places to visit for a holiday too but it is important to make sure you are fully aware of all the rules before hand and are prepared with the correct legal advice and insurance policies to cover you for your stay.

Important points:

  • UK immigration officials are able to hold you in detention centres until the next available flight back to the US if you do not have the correct paperwork! Additionally if you are denied entry at that stage there is a possibility you will be unable to try to enter the country again for at least 10 years! So get it right the first time!
  • On arrival at your first airport landing in the US you need to be approved by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency. Passport control is the other process where most foreign travellers need to go through a US-VISIT control. This is where an official will take your photograph and electronic fingerprints which will form part of your travel record.
  • If you become ill on your visit to the US, getting medical attention can be very expensive in some centres. It is very important you are aware of your health cover before travelling but also know in advance if your particular insurance policy will make payments directly to providers at the time of your illness or will in fact only reimburse you later for overseas health expenditures. This is an important point for those travelling on a strict budget whether you are in the US or in the UK.

There are good reasons for these updated and constantly changing laws and the changes are for everyone’s benefit. Therefore it is advisable to be patient throughout the process checks at either state, plus take extra care with the preparations for your visit. If you intend to travel and are unsure of the legal regulations ask immigration solicitors for the correct legal advice first. With the media coverage of the constant threat of terrorism and the influx of migrants from all over the world to countries where there are organised state care provisions, safety for the whole of the general public is a prime concern. The new regulations are therefore in place to make your travelling a better experience for everyone.

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