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How to Tell if You’re in an Unhappy Relationship

Growing old with the one that you love is an experience that most of us all dream about. The dream picture is engrained into our brains from an early age: Meet the one you love, have kids, and grow old together. However, for many, this is not something that is always achievable. People change as the years go by and with that, so do feelings. Many couples tend to find themselves in a relationship for years before realising that they may not be entirely happy in their partnership. How can you tell if you’re in an unhappy relationship? Read on to find out. 

You aren’t having fun anymore

The difference between a couple that stays with each other for all their life and a couple that is struggling to get by the honeymoon phase is that the couple that is with each other for their whole life, has fun together and brings out the best in one another. You are all but guaranteed to have disagreements and arguments when you are married, however, the couples that last the longest are the ones that can find any sort of light even in the darkest times of their relationship. Laughter has always been considered one of life's best medicines. If you have run out of this in your relationship and you are arguing more than laughing, it may be time to consider phoning a divorce lawyer such as Cordell and Cordell. 

You feel neglected 

If you are in a loving, caring, and nurturing relationship, you shouldn’t feel neglected at any point during your marriage. If you are feeling this way then you should really consider digging deeper into why you feel like this and approach your partner to try and find a solution together. These feelings can come from anything such as they are always leaving you to go out with their friends or they are simply excluding you from activities that you used to actively do together. If this doesn’t change after a length of time, this is when you must admit to yourself that the problem may be harder to eradicate than you thought. You should consider third-party help to try and make your relationship strong again. 

They are irritating you 

It’s not uncommon that some of your partners' habits may start to get under your skin, after all, you are essentially spending every day with one another. However, if you start to notice yourself becoming more and more frustrated with the little things that they do, then this could be an indicator that you may be unhappy and aren’t ready to settle down with them for the rest of your life. Couples counselling is always an option to combat this, as you are able to get out your feelings in a safe environment. Otherwise, you could also ask them to try and tone down the habits that are annoying you. 

One of you is keeping secrets 

Marriage is all about trust. If you find yourself or your partner keeping secrets from one another, this is a clear indicator that something isn’t right in the relationship. Your partner is supposed to be the one person that you can entrust all with and have no fear that your private information will end up in other people's ears. Little secrets such as what they got up to during their day or they are telling you stories that don’t seem to add up are an example of what to watch out for. This can be extremely stressful for the partner as they start to create a narrative in their own head that you are only duelling by not telling them the truth.

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