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How to Successfully Protect Yourself from Wrongful Allegations

There are a number of scenarios in which innocent people are faced with serious allegations.  Some common lines of work in which people are wrongfully accused of committing violent crimes include teaching private music lessons, providing one-on-one mental health counseling, and performing medical procedures or checkups with a single patient.  It is important for innocent people to protect themselves from wrongful allegations that could have some of the following consequences:

  • Being listed on a sex offender registry.
  • Being charged with a crime.
  • Being charged with a felony. 
  • Being faced with a lawsuit. 
  • Being stripped of professional licensure.

All of the above consequences can be dramatic and life-changing.  Instead of hoping that clients are honest, take simple measures to protect yourself by investing in hidden cameras

The Importance of Unbiased Documentation in Legal Proceedings

It is not unrealistic for criminal charges to be dropped upon showing time stamped video evidence of when the alleged offense actually took place with the assistance of an attorney.  Many different types of cameras such as a small camera hidden in a pen, smoke detector, or digital clock can clearly show what location the event was in.  Different testimony from multiple parties that were not directly involved in the alleged incident can often be confusing and contradictory.  However, video evidence is difficult to dispute. 

How to Best Address Allegations and Charges 

First, it is almost always best not talk to law enforcement without consulting with a lawyer or having a lawyer present.  It is also almost always best not to talk to any representatives of the media to get your side of the story.  The most prudent course of initial action is usually to talk to no one except for confidential legal counsel.  An attorney acting on your behalf is confined to attorney-client privilege.  In other words, your attorney cannot disclose anything you say that could be used against you unless you give him or her express permission.  Sometimes, the judicial system does not work as it should, and it is important to be cognizant of all potential ramifications. 

Collaborate with Your Attorney on how to Best Disclose Video Evidence

A quality attorney will often be able to have all charges dropped and your record sealed without required court hearings.  Working with a competent attorney you trust is almost as integral as gathering initial video evidence to proving your innocence.  Often, a DA will drop charges if presented with evidence that is difficult to dispute in court. 

Why Hidden Cameras are Important

Losing professional licensure or being placed on a sex offender registry can do more than turn your life upside down.  Your loved ones can also suffer consequences from untrue allegations including bearing the financial burden of going to court, the emotional burden of telling loved ones, and the burden of helping you in a time of crisis.  Protect yourself and your loved ones by investing in simple cameras hidden in everyday objects.  Monitoring changes behavior, and visible cameras could be detrimental to many different types of work.  In addition, tapes could be stolen from visible cameras and jeopardize privacy.  Instead of being paranoid or suddenly caught in a bad situation, be prepared. 

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