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How to prepare for meeting an immigration lawyer for the first time?

Immigration is now a hot topic in the US with President Donald Trump coming down heavily on illegal immigrants. The immigration lawyers too are having a hectic time as numerous clients are seeking their counsel and expertise to avoid any harsh consequences of the law in case they find themselves on the wrong side. The immigration lawyers specialize on immigration laws and deals with issues related to US citizenship, green cards, visas, and even immigration benefits. Since US immigration laws are federal in nature, you can engage an immigration lawyer in any State even if you currently live in some other country.

Why you need a lawyer?

If you are facing legal issues regarding immigration, you can never represent your case not because there is any legal restriction but because the immigration laws are so complex that only experienced lawyers specializing on the subject are capable of handling it. The lawyer or attorney can interpret the laws correctly and represent your case in a way that it meets with a favorable outcome. In the process, you save time and money and even enjoy peace of mind that a competent person is looking after your cause. The process of resubmission of any incorrect application can prove costly in all respects with chances of aggravation.

The initial meeting

The initial meeting with the lawyer will help him or her to understand your case in details and help to assess the gravity of the situation and foresee the possible outcome in a broader perspective. While a few lawyers offer a free consultation for the first time, many usually charge about $100 for the session. Consult a few attorneys to compare the services, cost and how comfortable you feel working with them before zeroing down on one.

However, do not forget to carry with you all documents like any notice from immigration authorities, records or criminal conviction, marriage certificate, passport, visa and any other documents relevant to the situation you are facing. The lawyer will ask several questions that you should answer in detail. The lawyer will take notes, advise on the need for any additional documents, if any, and tell you how to proceed in the matter.

 Lawyer fees

 The fees would depend on the type of case because if it is something standard like seeking assistance in applying for a marriage-based green card, the lawyer will charge a flat fee. However, some immigration cases might be complicated and unpredictable that requires the lawyer's representation in an immigration court hearing that could lead to a series of other hearings. In such a situation, be ready to fork out good money as the lawyer would be charging an hourly rate.

Be open and speak out

Be very frank with the lawyer and disclose all facts related to the case without judging its importance so that you can explain your position very clearly. It becomes easy to describe the circumstances and helps the attorney to formulate strategies by avoiding mistakes.

Speak out your mind with confidence because attorneys follow professional ethics in keeping the information completely confidential.

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