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How to Get Custody of Your Child as a Father

The most important thing for a parent during divorce is to get custody of the kids. But this is not often an easy job. 

Mothers are typically in the best place possible to get custody, but if a father wants it, you may need to fight it out in court. Things tend to get messy sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

While there are a lot of emotions involved in such cases, you may want to keep in mind several tips. 

Here are some of them:

  • Make Sure You Are Involved in the Child’s Life

It is important to stay in the lives of your children even if you are separated from your wife. The court will want to know that you are a hands-on dad and that you are able to take care of the kids when push comes to shove. 

There are several ways to actually show this. First, make sure that you spend as much time as possible with the kids. Take them out if you can, for fun activities, including playing in the park, sports events, and anything else of interest. 

Make sure you are also helping out with things like homework and when you can, show up for school events such as parent-teacher conferences. These things can play a key role in determining if you get parental rights or not.

  • Always Pay Child Support 

In case you have already separated from your wife, there will be child support obligations on your part. 

Make sure those payments are up to date and that you have all the receipts. This can be used to demonstrate that you are a responsible father. 

In fact, if for some reason you are in better financial standing, you may want to take advantage of that and ensure your kids get everything they need.

  • Stay in Touch with the Kid

It is also a good idea to keep the communication between you and your kids. This applies to cases where the children live with their mom far away from you. Make some calls and talk to your kid as often as you can. 

Video calls and chats are also very important. This effort to stay in your kid’s life and talk to them daily will reflect very positively on your custody hearing.

  • Treat the Mother of the Child with Respect 

There is nobody that wants to go through a divorce. But some things will often be beyond your control. Do not let this cloud your judgment. 

This is still your family regardless of what has happened. As such, you may want to treat them with respect and be polite every time you meet them.

  • Assess Your Capacity 

Raising children on your own is of course a very fulfilling thing but it is not simple. If you are fighting for parental rights, you must be ready for the responsibility and duties that come with it. 

Do not fight for custody just to hurt your ex-wife. If you strongly believe the kids will be better off with their mom, then leave it be. 

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