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How to find the best jury consultant for your court case - use these criteria!

If you need to find someone who can help you during your court case, you need to use reputable and trusted professionals who know what they're doing. By choosing someone with plenty of experience, past successful cases, connections in the law world, and someone who has a vibrant personality and charismatic manner in the courtroom, you can increase your chances of winning the case!

Before you hire a professional, you need to use criteria to figure out who is the most reputable person to hire for your unique case. Instead of just hiring someone who is in your general area or who has past experience, you need to make sure they check off all the criteria to ensure they're the most qualified person for your case!

Find the best professional to help you with your court case by using these criteria!

Need to hire a jury consultant? Use these criteria to find the most qualified person for your needs!

If you need to hire a jury consultant from Rick M. Goldberg & Associates to help you win your court case, you might be wondering where to start. Instead of just taking someone's word for it and hiring a professional who you think is qualified, doing some research ahead of time can give you peace of mind that you are making smart decisions for your future and your chances of winning the case. Hiring a professional jury consultant who has past experience, personality in the courtroom, and education can help significantly increase your chances of winning.

Connections in the law world

The first criterion you need to take into account when hiring a jury consultant is to make sure the person has connections in the law world. Instead of just hiring someone new in the industry, hiring someone who has past connections in the world can ensure they know more information about the court proceedings, the judge in your case, and other day-of information that can be helpful to be prepared for the court trial.

Personality in the courtroom

The second criterion to take into account before you hire a jury consultant is ensuring the professional has personality in the courtroom. You don’t want to hire someone who is lacking personality and persuasiveness - instead, hire a jury consultant who is persuasive, charismatic, and brings energy to the courtroom. Hiring someone personable can increase your chances of winning the court case!

Past win history

The third criterion to take into account is the winning history of the jury consultant. You don't want to hire a jury consultant who has no past cases or has no wins - make sure you hire someone who has past experience, confidence in winning similar cases, and a track record of positive cases!

Extensive education

The final criterion to take into account before hiring a jury consultant is the past education of the professional. Don’t just hire someone because he graduated college or high school - make sure they did extra schooling, earned a 4-year degree, earned a higher degree, and passed the necessary test to become an attorney to jury consultant. Finding someone who has the experience and is well-educated is key to increasing the chances of winning your case.


You need to find a reputable and trustworthy jury consultant so you can increase your chances of winning the court case! Make sure you use a few criteria to choose the best-suited jury consultant for your case and make an educated decision before you hire someone. A jury consultant should have a good personality for the courtroom and bring energy to your case. Furthermore, they should have connections within the industry to help you prepare for the court on the day of the trial. Lastly, your jury consultant should have extensive education and a past history of winning similar cases to yours!

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