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How an Attorney Answering Service Can Benefit Your Business

The work of a lawyer is a highly qualified and demanding profession. Lawyers have always been called the hardest working professionals. Working with clients, managing cases, researching, receiving further training, submitting and preparing legal documents-the task list can continue at will! ! Lawyers usually work more than 60 hours a week; commitment is the most important thing.

 One way to save a lot of time is to use a attorney answering service. At Best call Center, due to our success in the legal field, we have established a team of experts to handle calls from lawyers and law firms. This article describes some of the main benefits of using autoresponders in the legal field.

 What is an answering machine?

The answering service looks like this: If someone calls your office number when for some reason they don’t want (or can’t) be the first point of contact, it’s us. answer the questions.

 Are you talking on the phone with other customers? In important meetings or in court? Set up an overflow plan with your telephone provider to ensure that the attorney answering service answers the call. Do you want to have a quiet lunch for a few minutes or stay overnight during the holidays?

You will transfer your call to your answering machine when you leave the office. Our agent will answer customer calls, answer basic questions, and respond to you in an emergency.

Never miss a call:

Every call is important, whether it's a new inquiry or an existing customer. Regardless of the size, ensuring that calls are answered and that no opportunity is missed is an important asset of a law firm.

 After installing an answering machine, you can answer, record detailed information, and route it to each call, so that the right person can answer the call at the right time and get all the information needed for effective follow-up.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

 As a lawyer, you often participate in negotiations and appear in court, so it is impossible to answer every call. Whether day or night, you are free to continue to provide services to customers, while providing important customer services that they are used to.

 Reduce interference:

 When you are busy, the phone may distract you, and unlike a mobile phone, you cannot turn it off. When you have an urgent matter that needs your attention, this may be a real problem. Warning, you also can't let the voice mail system lose customers. This can lead to loss of customers and bad transactions.

The auto-responder company has industry knowledge:

 When you rent an attorney answering service for your law firm, you have industry knowledge. On the other end of the phone, you don’t have a nice voice to help your customers. An informed person who understands your business and the challenges you and your customers face.

 Legal Technology’s solutions can increase your company’s customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention through automated tools for communication, scheduling, relationship management, document management, and finance.

 Every operator has been trained to deal with customers in a professional and responsive manner.

 Recovering clues:

The law firms rarely have time to deal with old clues that have not been returned in time. However, this prospect may have untapped potential.

 If you use a legal directory service, entrust this task to a licensed professional who has time. The receptionist can record your old or dead tracks and give potential customers another chance.

 In many cases, timely outgoing calls may cause the call center lawyer to switch unexpectedly.

 real-time chat experts can perform the same tasks for those who visit your website through the online chat window, have real conversations with network visitors, and help you or your business attract more potential customers and convert them into customers.

You can focus on legal practice:

It can take a long time to answer a client's call, elaborate on your legal issue, and make an appointment during working hours. The actions of existing customers ultimately lead to errors and wrong decisions that may affect your reputation. When you have an attorney answering service that handles customer calls, you can focus your time and energy on preparing the planned initial meeting and solving the legal issues of existing customers.

 Retain existing customers:

 If your existing customers have questions about their cases or need to confirm legal issues, they also want quick response services. The personalized service and support they request and deserve, thereby increasing their customer loyalty.

 This law firm is supported around the clock by experienced managers who are trained to answer calls from lawyers. You can answer questions about your office (location, opening hours, professional experience), initiate the judicial appointment process, make appointments, make calls that are not important to you, and usually impart refined expertise about your practice.

Improve customer satisfaction:

The callers, current or potential customers in your office want to know they will be heard. If someone calls the office and keeps receiving voice mail, they will be dissatisfied. Especially if your voice mailbox is not coming back. Not responding to voice mail is not something the law firm deliberately did. The reason for fewer calls is that the message is illegible, is interrupted before leaving the number, or is busy that day and forgets the voice mailbox. Response services fill this gap. You will receive messages and necessary information, which they will forward to your office staff for faster response. Customers are happy, this can increase your retention rate.

You can make better use of your staff:

 If your office is small, you may have a paralegal who also serves as an administrator. Is she more valuable as a legal assistant or administrative staff? Answer: Less time to answer calls means more time to focus on important customer tasks and provide them with support. Keeping your employees focused on basic matters is a valuable way to increase the sales of a law firm.

 Use automatic business call answering service to save costs:

One of the main benefits of having a virtual attorney answering service is that it is much cheaper than real-time answering service. Compared with hiring a receptionist, real-time answering service can save you money.

 The cost of finding, hiring and training new employees may cost you £20-30,000 in wages, not to mention payroll taxes, benefits, bonuses, vacations, sick leave or work injury compensation. You will not be at your desk 24 hours a day. Therefore, when your real-time secretary is away, you may have to pay for the backup system. Don't forget the extra cost of birthday gifts or company gifts!

 The lawyer's virtual secretary can perform basic duties:

 From tracking customer inquiries through your website and email, to making appointments, to answering general questions, your virtual secretary can handle simple inquiries so that you can deal with more important legal issues.

 Many law firms have clients coming to their offices, which is why you should hire a full-time registrar for your office. At A Courteous, we work very well with your team, so we can handle the phone line of your law firm. When you need it. Press the button to give your current legal contact, and all your calls will be forwarded to our well-trained virtual legal contact.

Maximize the success of your law firm:

Some of the benefits of having an automated response service dedicated to assisting lawyers is that they understand the language of the law and can help you free up time for other office tasks. A few hours to make your entire team more efficient. For example, look at all the tasks that paralegals are responsible for:

  • Conduct legal, factual, and registration investigations
  • Establish relevant judgments, laws, legal terms and regulations, and other related materials
  • Organize, analyze, and verify information
  • Prepare written reports and communications
  • Prepare laws Behaviors, including memoranda, complaints, appeals, agreements, contracts, and legal notices

 Provide on-demand services:

The attorney answering service can be provided on days when all your employees are busy and cannot answer the phone. good for you. A legitimate answering machine can handle the surge in calls, freeing up your staff to deal with priority tasks.

It helps you keep in touch:

 If you use the answering machine of a law firm, you can access their services at any time. Every time someone calls or sends a message, they don’t have to return to the office to answer the message. You cannot answer the phone when you are in court, but the answering machine can answer your call and answer your messages. Do not delay potential customers.

Your signature can immediately meet the needs of customers:

 Anyone who encounters a legal problem needs to hire a lawyer immediately. The criminal justice system is not simple, so suspects want to understand their skills and manipulate the system as soon as possible. The farther the better. If necessary, he will immediately call in a lawyer. It may be in the middle of the night, during the meeting with the lawyer, before the lawyer arrives at the office, or even when the lawyer appears in court.

 In either of these two situations, the client may lose the lawyer, causing the law firm to lose business opportunities. As a criminal defense lawyer, you want to be always present when your clients call.

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