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Grave importance of criminal lawyers

Criminal law

A set of rules and statutes that interpret those actions or deeds forbidden by the government because those acts may threaten and harm public security and peace. It also ensures that punishments and penalties should be given to a commission for doing such acts or activities. The terminology criminal law usually refers to substantive criminal laws.

Purpose of criminal law

Criminal Laws are formed to serve several purposes in the criminal justice system.

Following are the main purposes of criminal law;

  1. One of the fundamental purposes of criminal law is to protect and limit human actions so that it can help and guide human deeds or actions.

One should always keep in mind that laws provide penalties and punishment to those who are guilty of committing crimes against property or personal safety. Nowadays, in this modern world, there are three ways to deal with criminals, they are usually

●       criminal punishment

●       private action 

●      executive control.

  However, both latter mentioned ways that are private action and executive control are very beneficial in concerns with costs and speed.

The second most important purpose of criminal law is to provide the right punishment to the offender. It is regarded as the most significant and essential purpose of criminal law. One of the main reasons for that is; it discourages and prevents them from committing such crimes or activities again while making them pay for those crimes. Retribution does not mean imposing physical punishment by imprisonment. Things like rehabilitation and financial retribution may also be included in this.

2.The final purpose of criminal law is to provide protection and safety to the general public and community from these criminals. A society always protects itself from those who are harmful or dangerous to it through criminal law. and to achieve this purpose, proper sentences and penalties should be given to the offender so that he can never again repeat the same crime or act in the future.

Increase crime rate

In this modern world where everything becomes inadequate, even the basic needs. The lack of necessities causes many adverse effects and one of the most dominant ones is the increased crime rate and injustice. The class differences create holes in societies and these holes later become the gigantic germs of crimes and cruelty.

Now, let's take the example of one of the states of the US.

Orange country crime rate

Orange County, a region located in Southern California is one such community. It is roughly about 40 miles south of Los Angeles. Orange County is a greatly heterogeneous county with almost 2.7 million people living in thirty-one cities and unincorporated areas. Since the end of 20 century, the county has shown rapid growth, with increasing urbanization, and cultural and ethnic modification. Despite this only a few traditional gangs were established in its less rich areas, historically speaking orange country had very low crime rates and unpleasant activities. In the past decade, however, gang activities and crime rates have started to appear and have been on the rise in the county. In the last decade, the Orange County Jury provided a report on the increased crime rate. They reported that gang problems were going up at an alarming rate. According to their police and media, gang crime in Orange County had become more abundant and more violent. One of the reasons for the increase. Since justice is not properly served to both public sides and criminals as well. Sometimes criminals are treated in a very inhumane way. They are not provided proper treatment and increase and more punishments as compared to the crimes they have committed.

What's a criminal lawyer

The criminal lawyer is the one that offers lawful services for those people who are accused of an offense or any illegal activity. For example, if an individual is being held up for offenses like homicides, he will need a defense lawyer for his defense and also guarantees that his rights are protected and represent him in illegal activity.

Duty of criminal lawyer

Criminal lawyers provide a defense for those individuals that are charged with the offense. Criminal lawyers execute different functions to support their clients' interests before a law court. They listened to every detail of their clients and ensured every means to defend them in the best way possible.

Significance of a good criminal lawyer

If one has to undergo criminal investigation or court trials, it can become a very horrible experience for them, especially one who does not have any idea of the criminal offenses you have committed. Because a common man hasn't had much knowledge about criminal laws In this scenario, one will need the legal assistance of an experienced Orange County Criminal Lawyer that defends a criminal throughout the court proceedings, as well as provide emotional support to them. Why do you have to or need to Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer? The reason for this is that the structure of criminal law is very complex and complicated. One will fail to understand his rights as a defendant if he does not have sufficient training and education about the law.

   It has also been seen that in some cases, someone might be arrested without any crime. When police have some suspicions of probable cause that someone has violated the law before that he or she might have a criminal record, they have the right to issue a warrant against him. So one has to challenge the officer's claim. In this stage, one needs a good criminal lawyer to represent him in court. He has the choice to claim a not guilty or guilty plea. This proper discussion with the attorney is compensatory, so he can take the best course of action.

Role of criminal lawyer

The following points include the role of a criminal lawyer:

1. For a good lawyer, he must arrange frequent pleadings in an illegal issue and respond to complaints. The prosecutor of opposing counsel and the court must have copies of these manuscripts provided by him. He must systematically organize everything.

2. Another role he could attribute is Trial Duties. Throughout the trial, he has to represent and demonstrate shreds of evidence he had gathered so far in the best way possible.

3. If someone requires legal representation in the criminal court, he'll need an ace criminal attorney. 

The types of cases criminal lawyers usually have to deal with

The most common types of criminal offenses are divided into seven different categories:

●      Property cases – these cases include those with no casualties or injured victims that include arson, burglary, vehicle theft, and larceny-theft.

●      Drug abuse cases – These violations are those that involve illegal possession, making, and use of prohibited drug substances.

●      Alcohol-related cases – as the name indicated it includes cases dealing with alcohol and can include driving under the influence, drunkenness, and other liquor laws that can forbid selling, making, or buying alcoholic beverages.

●      Violent crime cases – Violent crimes are, unfortunately, one of the most common of all criminal cases, and can involve rape, robbery, manslaughter, and murder.

●      Disorderly conduct cases – includes any sort of activity that has caused a public disturbance.

●      Fraud cases – Fraud includes all the crimes where misrepresentation is involved, and it most commonly causes financial loss. Some examples are identity theft like con artists, inheritance, and lottery scams.

●      Cases involving family – the most common criminal offenses, are family offenses that include violent acts performed within a family. These cases also involve various sex offenses and child abuse cases.

Appreciation for a good criminal lawyer:

A criminal lawyer is the one that will offer representation at the criminal proceedings and will organize defenses for the crimes the person has been charged with. Consequently, this might involve a sentencing phase that was followed by an appeal of the decision in the case. The criminal lawyer may provide aid in these issues as well.

So one should now know that the key role of an attorney is to offer passionate representation for his client and to protect the client in a court case.

So to appreciate the efforts of his lawyer the best way would be to advertise his work to your friends and your connections. By doing that, he could have ads on his client base.


 So in conclusion proper and just punishment is extremely important if we want to have a just and peaceful society. as we know that criminal laws are made to ensure public safety. Criminal lawyers are also important to ensure that no one is falsely accused or given any punishment that he never deserves. Criminal lawyers deal with their clients most humanely and try to understand their actions. A good criminal lawyer is essential in a modern-day society where it's easy to accuse someone with bigger crimes as corruption is present in every field and class of system. An improper penalty only increases the crime rate and makes that person more criminal than he used to be. So it means it serves no good to society.

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