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Five signs you’ve chosen the right solicitor

Law is a tricky and complicated subject, especially for those with no formal education in it. Whenever we’re faced with scenarios or problems that encompass legal proceedings or aspects, we automatically turn to lawyers and solicitors for expert advice but how can you make sure you choose the right one?

Here we look at five signs you’ve chosen the right solicitor.

1. They tell you the truth

Sometimes legal matters can’t be resolved in the way we’d like and a good solicitor is one who will tell you when this is the case. A positive resolution is what we all hope for but there is nothing worse than being given false hope over the outcome of your case.

A good solicitor is one who will fight for you with all their expertise but won’t be afraid to tell you when you might encounter difficulties either.

2. They have plenty of experience

Knowledge is undoubtedly important in the world of law but so is experience. A solicitor with a track record of successful resolutions and won cases is likely to be an asset to your case so it’s important that you look for this.

Remember that different solicitor firms will specialise in different areas of law so try and match your chosen firm with the area of law your case will be classed under. For family law, Brookman Solicitors is a good example.

3. They have a strong reputation

As with any product or service, the reviews and testimonials given by others are always a good indicator of whether the firm you’re looking at is good or not. If the solicitors you’re thinking of using have a strong reputation with plenty of positive feedback then you know you’re onto a good thing.

4. They're approachable

It is one thing to have the knowledge and experience to get good results but if you’re solicitor is hard to talk to then you could find it difficult to get things moving. If your case is of a sensitive nature, as is often the case with legal dealings, then you want someone who is kind, compassionate and, above all, approachable.

5. They're resonable

Not only do you want your chosen solicitor to be reasonable in the conduct and dealings with you, but also in their pricing. Solicitors’ fees vary depending on the firm you select and it’s important you look for one which is fair. This means balancing the core costs against the experience and services offered rather than just opting for the cheapest option. You should also look at how their fees are recovered in claims against other bodies or persons.

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