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Finding the Best Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case

After sustaining an injury, especially at the hands or fault of someone else, you will likely want to seek restitution. After all, injuries can lead to a reduced income from time off for recovery, and an accident may even result in loss of employment due to the extent of the injury. Therefore, to recoup your losses and receive financial assistance for pain and suffering, you will likely want to seek an attorney. Finding a lawyer can be a stress-inducing endeavor because it is easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of advertising and friends with suggestions. However, there are some simple steps you can follow to find the best attorney for you and your case.

Trust Brick and Mortar

Any personal injury attorney tampa worth their salt will most likely operate out of a brick and mortar building. While there are likely nomad attorneys who are capable and qualified, it is better to seek out an attorney that has a professional setup because while a building is just a building, it may also be an indicator of success and stability.


Researching is a crucial aspect of finding the best lawyer for your case. You will want to search for lawyers who are familiar and experienced with personal injury cases. However, you want to go beyond generalizations. If you were in a car accident, find a car accident attorney. If a dog bit you, find dog bite attorneys. Make sure their specialization fits your injury.

Check the Bar Association

The bar association in your state will have a record of all attorneys who are licensed and legally allowed to operate. You should verify any attorney you are interested in before consulting or hiring them. While dubious people do exist, most lawyers are proud of their accomplishments and welcome the inquiries into their background.

Ask Questions

Before hiring an attorney, you should schedule a consultation. This type of meeting allows you to make sure that your personalities mesh well and to get answers to any questions you may have. One of the most critical questions to ask is about the costs associated with your case. Personal injury lawyers typically operate on a contingency, meaning that there is no charge up front and that you only pay if you receive a settlement or win your case.

Finding a personal injury attorney can be a bit overwhelming. However, if you follow the steps above by researching, verifying, and questioning any potential legal counsel, then you should be OK.

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